Have you met my twin? 10 twins share about their twin

Have you met my twin? 10 twins share about their twin

We have always found it easier to brag about each other as opposed to ourselves. Whenever one twin accomplishes something, the other one is quick to let the whole world know. 

As always, when we post on our Instagram, we weren't sure if this was just us (K&E), but when we asked you guys it resulted in the most awesome and moving stream of comments! It is so awesome to see that we all collectively share the love and support for our twin. And man, do you guys have some cool things to share! No wonder, we call all of you twinfluencers! 

We have gone ahead and highlighted 10 of the twin brags here and will highlight more in the weeks to come (feel free to add more in the comments below):

10. @patti_ieraci about twin @nikkie_marie:

[she] is THE best person I know! She’s unconditionally supportive and understands me like no one else can! She’s beautiful and intelligent but most of all, compassionate ♥️. I love you and I am inspired by you pickleface😍.

9. @debpix67 about twin: @warriordar:

My twin is the strongest person I know. Her fierce determination carriers her through to meet all her goals At the gym, on the mountain, on her bike...She is simply incredible and I would be completely lost without her. 

8. @gab.kuhn about twin @biavkuhn:

She is completely indescribable! The way she sees colours and poems in every single bit of life makes me belive that even with problems it's a pleasure to be here with her✨💛

7. @aimerlavie_lele about twin @nlove_jesus:

Ohhh where do I begin??!!🤔...Once upon a time, there was a Wonderful Gemelo by the name of Felicia!...lol...that’s my Ryda, my ACE♠️,my BESTIE, my accountability partner, my Twinx, my Womb Mate and the list goes on...She’s always been right beside me, always kept it 💯, always showed me love and just been a great asset to my life. I’m blessed to have her in my life. Love you fam♥️🤗 

6. @its_marisa03 about twin @hannah756love03

Has the most gorgeous style and amazing fashion sense and gorgeous long wavy hair and I love her!😂❤❤❤❤

5. @auroredebanane about twin @alisonadamaudevie:

My twin is the most beautiful thing in my life. And in the lives of others too. She will save the planet with her skills and her heart. I love her ❤ 

4.  @dylmarie98 about twin @kensleydavis

My twin is the best person on this planet. She is so beautiful inside and out! She is my absolute best friend and I can always count on her ❤️

3. @sourdoughsnob about twin @robosteph

[My twin] got a job within her field within a year of graduating! And she's moving up hella fast and I'm just so excited to see how she keeps growing there!

2. @missjazz1995 about twin @jalisha_perkins:

My twin is definitely the nicer of the two. [She is] my other half/diary, therapist. Don't know what i would do without my baby.

1. @courtneydee and twin @oheyitsbritt:

Omg my twin has THE COOLEST job! She used to work for Rainforest Cafe scuba diving in the bug tanks and training the parrots! Now she's a zookeeper at the LA Zoo and works with the seals and sea lions at the Aquarium of the Pacific! AND she's 11 weeks pregnant!!! 

Go ahead and brag about your twin right here in the comments! 

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