5 places to go on your next twin vacation

5 places to go on your next twin vacation


A twin vacation. Just the two of you, your twin squad.

Because isn’t it just so much more enjoyable when you don’t have to argue about where to eat and what to do, and you can laugh in union about bizarre experiences and make the same poor decisions together, while also having the most profound and beautiful conversations that you both (obviously) find interesting.

Twincations are important, we’d even argue that they are necessary in order to keep your sanity, because let’s be honest you and your twin need quality time, adventure, margaritas, and gossip.

So where should you go? Here are a few of our favorite twincation destinations around the world. 


Want to go for a road trip with your twin? Then Portugal is a great idea!

Here you can visit small fishing villages with great surf and yoga retreats, see the most colorful castle (Sintra), explore picturesque cobblestoned streets and pastel-colored buildings dressed in beautifully patterned tiles in Lisbon and Porto.

portugal vacation twins

Keep driving along the Algarve coast for dramatic landscapes and don’t miss out on indulging in the broad selection of Portuguese wine, the famous pastry Nata and for all, you fish lovers, great grilled fish. And, the best thing about a twincation in Portugal? It is very affordable!



With its enchanting landscapes, flavourful cuisine, kind people and rich culture you’ll find yourself drinking Bedouin tea in the Wadi Rum desert and sleeping under a starry night sky after watching an unforgettable sunset one day, and the next walking around the stunning ruins from ancient Roman settlements in Jerash.

jordan twins pointingAnd don’t even get us started on exploring the wonders of Petra, where amazing palaces are carved into massive cliff walls and the Bedouins are riding alongside you on their donkeys. And as if that wasn’t enough, you can visit both the Red Sea AND the Dead Sea here.


If you two want to get the adrenaline rushing we suggest that you visit La Paz, Bolivia. Because what could possibly raise the pulse more than mountain biking down the Death Road?

bolivia twins vacation

Make sure to also spoil yourselves with a jeep tour to the Salt flats, it’s an unforgettable nature experience and you can be sure to get a bunch of insta-friendly photos!


Want to go for a twin hike but you don’t want to miss out on an awesome cultural experience? Then there’s no better place than Peru.

Choose between the famous Inka trail, the Rainbow mountains or head north to Huaraz. If your dream twincation includes camping, challenges, ceviche, and some crisp air - look no further. Apart from an incredible landscape,Peru twins

Peru also has a super interesting heritage, amazing people and colorful culture with mouthwatering cuisine.



Let’s taco ‘bout it while you both quench your thirst with local drinks such as margaritas and micheladas. If you and your VIP club (of two) wants to salsa all night, surf all day, do your yoga, dive, go shopping at buzzing colorful markets, dive, explore Mayan ruins and learn some useful Spanish pick-up lines, andalé, Mexico is the place to go!

Our favorites on the West Coast are Puerto Vallarta and surroundings, Sayulita/San Pancho, and Puerto Escondido. These places are all surf, yoga and jungle adventures! Head further into the country and you’ll find Oaxaca, San Cristobal de las Casas, Palenque and Agua Azul. These places are all about experiencing the culture, history, and food of this incredible country.

mexico surfing twins

If you guys are hunting for turtles, crystal clear water, diving and fiestas you’ll find all of that on Isla Mujeres, Holbox and Tulum over on the Caribbean side of Mexico.

Thank you to the @globetrottingttwins for all the amazing twincation advice. For more travel inspiration and to follow their travels check out their Instagram here.