5 questions and answers with boyfriend of a twin

5 questions and answers with boyfriend of a twin

We have always wondered what it is like to be a newcomer to our twin relationship, whether it as a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, friend or sibling. It is also one of the most commonly asked questions online. So we thought why don't we ask someone that has gone through just that? First out in this series of getting to know these people "outside" the twin bond, are boyfriends and husbands of twins.

As you have read here, we interviewed Stuart who has been married to Amy, who is a twin, for 8 years. Today we are sharing our interview with Nazar, who is the boyfriend of Irina. 

Learn more about his thoughts about Irina being a twin, and what he thinks is the ups and downs of the twin bond. ENJOY!

1. What did you think about dating a twin when you first met your significant other?

I had known my girlfriend (Irina) and her twin (Alina) for many years before I started dating her, so the fact that she was a twin was already familiar to me.

It was clear to me by the time I considered dating her that she was unique, even compared to her twin. In my mind, I was dating an exceptional woman who happened to be a twin rather than the other way around.

5 questions and answers with boyfriend of a twin

2. What is the best part of being together with a twin? 

I think the best part of being together with a twin is having the assurance that she has a best friend she can turn to for the most intimate and delicate matters who understands her on such a deep level.

It means a lot to me that her support system includes a twin that's been with her since their conception. It's such a poetically beautiful relationship that they share.

Also, it's nice to go shopping with my girlfriend's twin for gifts for my girlfriend, because she has the same sizes, knows her tastes, AND it can stay a secret so it's a surprise when I gift it to my girlfriend. 

5 questions and answers with boyfriend of a twin

3. And what is the worst?

The worst part of dating a twin is seeing when other people assume something about my girlfriend just because they know her twin or vice versa.

I understand the ignorance (and I used to be guilty of the same thing years ago), but it can be pretty annoying. It should be common sense that twins (like any other siblings) can have different personalities, dreams, and lifestyles without it being a complete surprise. 

5 questions and answers with boyfriend of a twin

4. What is your weirdest twin moment?

Honestly, no weird twin moments come to mind. Not only do I have a strong relationship with Irina, but Alina and I are also good friends.

So awkwardness/weirdness doesn't really happen between us.

5 questions and answers with boyfriend of a twin

5. What is your best advice to other significant others of twins?

My best advice to other significant others of twins is to appreciate your partner for who she is. Be intentional about not developing a habit of comparing her to her own twin - it can be detrimental to you, to her, and to your relationship. She is an individual.

Additionally, twins will often have such a close relationship that their significant others might feel threatened by that level of intimacy. I would suggest not discouraging that closeness, but instead celebrating it. DO NOT make her choose between her twin or you - 9 times out of 10, you'll fall short and be left in the dust.  

Thank you, Nazar! Love your perspective on the twin bond! Stay tuned for more interviews in this series. 

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