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5 twins on whether the evil twin exists

We can't remember a time we weren't asked "Who's the evil twin?". So does the evil twin exist? And where does the expression even come from? 

We did some digging and apparently the concept of evil twin dates back to ancient history and has been a popular part of all sorts of stories since. 

We have asked 5 sets of twins on whether there is an evil twin among them. This is their responses to whether "Is there an evil twin?": 

5. Twin sisters and founders of 12.29, Dawn & Samantha Goldworm:

Twinning Store Does the Evil Twin Exist - 12.29 Twins Dawn and Samantha

"Yes, but we will never tell."

4. Twinpreneurs behind the Twinnks bra:  

Twinning Store Does the Evil Twin Exist - Twinnkss

"Only if you piss one of us off"

3. Lauren and Lorissa behind Cups of Kindness:

Twinning Store Does the Evil Twin Exist - Cups of Kindness Lauren and Lorissa

"No way! We both are all about sending positive messages and vibes out into the world!" 

2. Fashion bloggers and DJs Collyer Twins:

Twinning Store Does the Evil Twin Exist -  Collyer Twins


1. Dancing with the Stars Emma and Kelly Slater:


Emma - Negative ghost rider. We only practice good in the world! 

Kelly - Emma thought when we were kids that she was the evil twin because she had brown hair and I had blonde! But now she’s angelic!


As you can tell it remains unknown if there is always an evil twin. And therefore it is probably safe to say that the question will be continued to asked to twins worldwide (on a daily basis). 

Are you the evil twin? Or is your twin? Better yet, are both of you? Let us know in the comments!

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