5 ways to celebrate twinsgiving

5 ways to celebrate twinsgiving

This year we are celebrating the second annual TWINSGIVING!

We came up with this concept last year, when we decided that twins don't have a special day to celebrate the twin bond. Being close to Thanksgiving (for the ones in the US) and the holidays, we thought, the third Friday of November was the perfect time. 

Some of you will already be in the same place and that might make the day a bit easier to celebrate. However, some of you are in different locations and being in a long distance relationship can be hard, especially when it is with your twin. 

Thankfully, with all the amazing technology available out there, there's no reason to let distance stop hangouts and the Twinsgiving celebration. Therefore, we put together this list of suggestions for twins in the same place or not, to get the most out of the celebration!

1. Binge watch tv shows and/or movies

And may we suggest one of the many good show and movies with a twin theme (cause people and Hollywood of course loves twins!) Some of our personal favorite shows are anything Mary Kate and Ashley, Sister Sister, Sweet Valley High, and Parent Trap. 

Not in the same place? No worries at all. When that has happened to us, we like to watch the same tv show or movie at the exact same time while we are on Skype or Facetime. NOTE: hit the mute button on both sides to avoid annoyance of hearing the sounds twice. 

2. Cook together

No celebration is complete without food. This can also be combined with the binge watching. Google or Pinterest some comfort food recipes and get to work. Our personal favorites is some yummy nachos or tapas - perfect nibble food that doesn't take forever to cook!

Not in the same time zone? When we lived on opposite coasts, we would Facetime each other (see a theme here?) and make food at the same time. Due to the time zone difference, one would make breakfast when the other one made lunch. And then we would eat together. 

3. Book club

Use Twinsgiving to start a book club! Take some time to destress by reading the same book and finding some time to discuss it after. A book club is also a great way to connect over a subject that you may share an interest in. We personally love reading non-fiction, but any book works!  Here is a list of top books in 2018.

4. Plan a twincation together

Is there anything better than a twincation? We try to squeeze in one at any chance possible. Doesn't matter if we go far or do a staycation - we just love it. This Twinsgiving we are planning our upcoming adventure that is going overseas. 

Not being able to spend time with your twin can be tough, but having a future plan for the next time to see each other can make it a little bit easier. Maybe plan to meet half-way, or in the home-town of you?

5. Work out together 

Celebration and working out may not be the most obvious combination. But with all the festivities, we love moving our body and get that extra spark of energy. We usually find go to YouTube and find something that we both enjoy. Our current favorite is the Yin Yoga videos (so many good ones) - that leaves us energized and zen at the same time!

This works even if you are not in the same place. YouTube is filled with great work out videos. Find one and play on your computer and use your phone to Facetime/Skype (told you there was a theme) with your twin. 

What is your favorite activities to do with your twin? How are you celebrating Twinsgiving? Drop us a comment below - would love to hear from you. Or share with us on Instagram or Facebook

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