5 ways to survive a long-distance relationship with your twin

Being in a long distance relationship can be hard with your twin can be difficult. As twins you are used to hanging out non-stop from early on so being separated is hard.

Thankfully, with all the amazing technology available out there, there's no reason to let distance stop hangouts. We have personally lived on different coasts and even different continents several times, so these methods are tried and tested.

1. Watch the same tv show at the same time

We like to watch the same tv show or movie at the exact same time. We actually do a count-down to make sure we're reacting to the funny jokes and the tear-jerkers at the same time. NOTE: hit the mute button on both sides to avoid annoyance of hearing the sounds twice. 

2. Cook together

Not in the same time zone? When we lived on opposite coasts, we would Facetime each other and make food at the same time. One would make breakfast when the other one made lunch. And then we would eat together. 

3. Book club

Read the same book and discuss at an assign time. A book club is a great way to connect over a subject that you may share an interest in. We personally love reading non-fiction, but any book works!  

4. Plan a trip together

Not being able to spend time with your twin can be tough, but having a future plan for the next time to see each other can make it a little bit easier. Maybe plan to meet half-way, or in the home-town of you?

5. Work out together 

YouTube is filled with great work out videos. Find one and play on your computer and use your phone to video chat with your twin. This is a great way to stay in shape too :D

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