7 of our favorite Twin Halloween Costumes this year

7 of our favorite Twin Halloween Costumes this year

One of the best twin perks is always having someone to do a themed costume with every year. Here are 7 of our favorite twin Halloween kids costumes this year:

7. Beyonce and Solange donned by the adorable twins sisters, Londyn & Laiyah Ajirotutu @ajirotututwins

6. The cute old couple in Up the movie by the cute twin boy and girl Aleriella and Alessandro @twinsdiazpineda

5. And another charming couple from one of all-time favorite movies, Up. @the_kinards

4. The tiny and precious super Wonder Woman and Batman @jenkhawkins

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3. The always stylish twins @fierce_twins5678 as the Shining twins sister

2. The charming Canadian identical twins boys (@jessicruickshank) dressed up as the other famous Canadian twin brothers, The Property Brothers 

1. The sweet little teddy bears @andreacarrion22


We would love to see your favorites! Share with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Happy Halloween!!

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