Interview with twin mom Simple Chic Brunette

8 Questions about Being a Twin Mom with Simple Chic Brunette

To be a twin mom requires super powers on its own, but twin mom Erica Elizarraraz, is able to do that while being in a full-time job, have a lifestyle blog and at the same time pull of a style that anyone would envy! Erica is mom to two adorable fraternal twin girls and documents all her "simple and chic style" through her amazing blog The Simple Chic Brunette. 

We are excited to share our interview with Erica. In it, learn about the twin myths she wants to debunk, her styling tips for wearing a Twinning Store Twin mom shirt, and her advice for other twin moms.

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I am a mommy blogger who works full time and blogs in her spare time. I work for a company called TWENTY it’s a 9-5 job but I work from home which allows more flexibility.

I am the Merchandise Director and I am involved in so many aspects of the business I work hand in hand with sales and design as well as production and shipping. I have worked for the company since day one and this year will mark 10 years. It’s a vertically integrated company so they knit their own fabric to ship their own goods.

In my spare time, I blog about anything that interests me which could be mommy style, toddler style, beauty, lifestyle, personal matters that I share about my life and anything in between.

Twinning Store Interview with Twin Mom Simple Chic Brunette

2. How did you get started?

I start around 4 years ago as a creative outlet. I wanted to come out of my shell I was far too shy and needed a creative outlet to express myself… and what better way than to start a blog about the things I love and share them with people.

Now fast forward 4 years and I have fraternal twin girls which are also a huge part of my blogging.

3. What fascinates you the most about twins (especially your own)? 

The fact that they are born on the same day one after another yet they are so different. My girls are not identical so obviously, they don’t look alike, but the love they have for each other is unexplainable.

One is thick with dark hair and a darker skin tone. She is my bam bam because she is so strong physically but has the softest heart. Then I have my teeny tiny twin she’s small and light skinned with lighter hair who is strong emotionally yet so sweet and not shy.

They defend each other like no other, they cry if one is hurt, they look for each other when one is not in sight. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced and it melts my heart.

Simple Chic Brunette Interview with Twinning Store

4. What was the biggest fear you had going into twin motherhood?

The fact that there was not only one of them but TWO. I kept thinking to myself when I was pregnant “how am I going to manage two tiny humans at the.same.time? “ Up until I was around 5 months pregnant I was scared so scared. I couldn’t even create a registry I couldn’t think about it.

I was never a baby person, never held babies, never babysat because it just wasn’t my thing… yet I knew deep down I so badly wanted to be a mommy which didn’t come easy for me… I wanted kids of my own and I was blessed with TWO after years of trying and endless prayers.

The crazy thing is that you adapt quickly it’s crazy how many things I can get accomplished now. You also become an awesome multi-tasker ;)

5. What has surprised you the most about your twin girls?

I always knew the bond between twins was strong because I grew up with a couple of sets of twins, but it isn’t until you have your own that you feel and know how strong this bond can be.

 Erica Simple Brunette Blog Twinning Store

6. What is the number one myth about having twins you would like to debunk?

That twins are genetic. While this could be the case in many twin pregnancies it wasn’t the case in ours. There are so many factors to conceiving twins and it shouldn’t matter how they were conceived.

All that matters is that these two precious babies born are loved and cared for.

7. Is there any advice about having twins you wish you had been given?

I wouldn’t tell a new twin mom “it gets easier” because every stage is different and unique and every child is different. I would say embrace every stage even if it’s hard because, in the end, they won’t ever be that small again.

I am not saying that I am calm and that I don’t have a breakdown here and there but I do take a step back and take in each moment.

8. Lastly, how you will you style a Twinning Store Twin Mom t-shirt? 

I am your simple girl your t-shirt and jeans kinda girl. I love a good t-shirt paired with jeans and boots or sneakers. I will occasionally throw on heels, but let’s be honest here I am not going to be running around chasing 2-year-old twins because this mama can’t run in heels …

So I would style my twin mom tee with a pair of jeans, sneakers or boots, a cool jacket or maxi cardigan and top it off with a hat…cause this mama must have a hat.

Erica Simple Brunette Blog Twinning Store

Thank you, Erica! We are so amazed by how you are able to do it all! We love your insights and know other twins and twin moms will too! To follow Erica, check out her blog or her Instagram.

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