Punk Twins we are one movement twin brothers

A behind-the-scenes interview with the Brennan twins

We love people with a unique and authentic style. Twin brothers, Bud and Aidan Brennan Williams, behind the band, We are One, has just that. We needed to know more about them and their relationship, so we are so excited that we had the chance to interview the twins recently. Enjoy!

- Who are you and what do you do?

We are Bud & Aidan Brennan Williams AKA The Brennan Twins. 

We are actors models and musicians currently playing in our Punk/hip-hop band We Are One.

- How did you get started? 

We have been writing music together and playing in bands since the age of 13 and getting tattooed from the age of 15, by the time we were 19 we already had most of these tattoos and had played shows all over the UK.

Punk Twins we are one movement twin brothers

- Do you see being a twin as a strength or weakness in getting to where you are today?

A HUGE strength not only have we always had someone to have our back we also have always split everything in half, such as workload or costs...

- What's your favorite twin moment?

When we shoot or act or play music together it is always very special.

- When you argue, how long does it take for you to become friends?

Most of the time only a matter of seconds maybe a minute or so depending on the severity of the dispute...

we are one punk twin brothers brennan

- What do you think everyone should know about being twins?

Although our band name is We Are One we are not the same person or "exactly the same" as we are often referred to as being. We are very similar even in our differences... but NOT the same. 

Punk Twins we are one movement twin brothers

Our Rapid Fire Questions:

- Who is the bossiest?


- Who is the messiest?


- Who is most active on social media?

Depends what you mean by active... Probably Bud...

- Who is the more shy twin?


- Who is the more adventurous twin?


- Lastly, is there an evil twin?

Ooohhhh... Bud, no Aidan, no... both. haha!

Thank you, Bud and Aidan, for taking the time to let us interview you. We love how you mix hip-hop and punk and stay so true to your style. To check out more of the twin brothers and the We Are One band, visit their Instagram here.

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