The 12.29 twin sisters are behind a scent revolution

The 12.29 twin sisters are behind a scent revolution

An exclusive interview with the twin sisters behind 12.29

Scent is soooo important - and the twinpreneurs behind 12.29 believes it "can change the way we perceive the world". We agree. Some of our best (or worst) memories are tied to the scent that came along with it. Twin sisters and entrepreneurs,  Dawn & Samantha Goldworm, help well-known brands such as Valentino, Porsche, Lady Gaga, and Zac Posen ++ with custom scents to underline their brand message. The scents that 12.29 create are used on catwalks, storefronts, and hotels across the world. So next time, you have a sensational scent experience, remember it may be these fellow twins that are behind it. 
We have followed 12.29 and wanted to learn more about their twinpreneur journey. From this interview, you will learn about the twin sisters impressive journey, the favorite twin moment and their advice for fellow entrepreneurs.

Who are you and what do you do? 
We are Dawn & Samantha Goldworm, identical twin sisters who co-founded 12.29, an olfactive branding agency that transforms brand building through the visceral language of scent.


twinning Store interview with twinpreneurs behind 12.29

How did you guys decide to start 12.29 together?  
We perfectly complimented one another’s skill sets with Dawn’s expertise in perfumery and Samantha’s market knowledge in consumer insights, so it was a natural continuation of our twin relationship to start the 12.29 business together.  

What was your first proud moment for your company? 
The first fashion show we worked was with the Rodarte sisters for SS2010 show.  To date, no one had ever created a custom scent for a fashion collection to be diffused in the air during the show.  Per Burea Betak’s vision, we were not allowed to diffuse the scent until the show started.  We were so nervous that no one could smell it, that I (Dawn) held my breath for the full 11 minutes of the show in the sound booth.  At this time, there was no Twitter or Instagram so we could not get instant feedback on the experience, unlike today.  However, a month later, we did an interview with Vogue and landed our first big press piece about the scent of the show.  Apparently, someone smelled it!  And we were very humbled and proud. 
What is your favorite twin moment? 
Samantha: My favorite twin moment is when people ask us how we know each other and came to start a business together.  We always tell them that we met in the womb.  That answer stops the conversation for a moment and then everyone laughs.

twinning Store interview with twinpreneurs behind 12.29
What advice do you have for other twin entrepreneurs? 
Dawn: Use your twin instinct and connection to lead the way.

When does it help the most to be twins in business?  
Samantha: Like most twins, we have such a strong connection that we often finish each other's thoughts and sentences. In meetings, it's easy for us to play off of each other and anticipate what the other will say.  This especially helps in negotiations!

Twin rapid fire questions
Who is the bossiest?
Who is the messiest?
Samantha. Dawn is older (6 minutes) so by default, Samantha is messier.
Who is most active on social media?
Samantha by far!
Who is the more shy twin?
Who is the more adventurous?
Lastly, is there an evil twin?
Yes, but we will never tell.

twinning Store interview with twinpreneurs behind 12.29


Thank you, Dawn & Samantha! We are so inspired by your success and how you are shaping a whole business. It's awesome in general, but the fact that you are twins too, makes it even more amazing.

We love getting to know to fellow twins and this is our latest interview in our twin interview series (check out the others, including with twinpreneurs We Are Andrex here and twin athletes Divya and Devyani here).

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