Interview with Twin Athletes Divya and Devyani Biswal

Interview with Twin Athletes Divya and Devyani Biswal

For most people, having a full-time job as a financial analyst or doing a Masters in financial math would be plenty. However, for twin athletes Divya working full-time and Devyani studying full-time is just a piece of the puzzle. Both twins are in addition passionate about making the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo for Team Canada in track and field. And all along sporting the biggest grins (at least we have not seen any photos showing the contrary!).

We have interviewed the talented twins and learned about their goals, how being twins have helped them and their favorite twin moment.

Who are you and what do you do?

Twin #1 aka Divya Biswal - financial analyst in NYC and training to hopefully make the 2020 Olympics for triple jump (representing Canada). 

Twin #2 aka Devyani Biswal - doing a Masters in financial math at the University of Ottawa and also training to hopefully represent Canada at the 2020 Olympics in the 100m hurdles

Twinning Store Interview with Divya and Devyani Biswal
How did you get started?

We got our start in track and field in the third grade. Canada has a big emphasis on sports so we ended up trying out during gym class and happened to be decent! We were competitive figure skaters growing up and it was a nice stepping stone to developing us for track and field!

What is the advantage about twins in working towards your goal?

Being twins is great for not letting hard times get you down. This sport is filled with highs and lows and making sure you stay positive during those lows can make all the difference.

Even though we live in different cities, countries I guess too haha, we call each other whenever we need to talk something out. Support is a big factor in this sport and always having your person is a huge bonus.


What's your favorite twin moment?

Our favourite twin moment has to be making our first senior international team together. At Nationals, Divya was having a rough time during the triple jump final and Devyani raced the hurdle prelim on the other side of the track.

Divya: "I remember looking up on the big screen and seeing that she had qualified for the final and run a personal best. I think I shed a tear of happiness because I've known her struggles with injuries. I then jumped a distance good enough for third place."

These performances helped us get named to the team representing Canada at the World Francophone Games. Doing them one after the other was pretty awesome.


When you argue, how long does it take for you to become friends?

When we argue it depends haha! When we were younger we would hold grudges for days! As we've gotten older and become closer it usually takes a few hours. There isn't much we fight about now a days which we're pretty happy about!!

Thank you, Divya and Devyani. We love your passion for what you do and are truly inspired how you have time for it all. We can’t wait to follow your journey towards the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo! Follow them on Instagram @divyabiswal, @dbiswal and @biswalsquared

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