6 twins on their twin pranks

Have you ever done a twin prank?

We know, we know this is like the most common twin question ever, but... we decided to ask our awesome Instagram followers: Did anyone ever do a successful twin prank? 

These are some of the twin pranks was shared with us. 

@lynnsea88 shares:

Yes! I was a 7th-grade science teacher and was teaching a unit on genetics. I told my students I had successfully cloned myself and then my twin entered the classroom and my students fell out of their chairs! Best prank ever!

@grazfross shares:

I don’t know if it’s a prank... it’s more like an habit: We always pretend to be each other on the phone if one of us is too busy to pick up or text 😂 no one ever noticed, cuz our voices are very similar! 

Note from K&E: We have totally done this too!!

@blazersgirl shares:

Switched classes once in 6th grade. We had sub teachers that day so they didn’t know us as well. Unfortunately, it was for reading time. Had no idea what their book was about. It was terrible.

@twinsider shares:

We switched classes and Julia wrote one test for Lena because she already took the same test before 🙈

@orthopedictwins shares:

We did! Change in an exam and the teachers didn’t notice😬

Stephanie shares:

I have an identical twin sister and we both attended the same college many years back.  She was a theater art major and was dating a guy who was an engineering major.  Quite the couple they were since he was rather dry and she was a bit of a drama queen.  She also felt he was not attentive enough to her needs in general and got particularly upset when he completely forgot her birthday.  So she decided to play a trick on him so she could vent her frustration. 

She knew he would be coming to her dorm room that day at a particular time, and he would typically plant a kiss on her after she would open the door for him when he knocked.  This day, she had me come to her dorm a bit earlier and told me to open the door when he knocked, hence laying the trap ;)  Truthfully, I did wear my hair differently than her and dressed differently, so he should have been able to tell the difference. He knocked, I opened the door, he planted a kiss on me and I, of course, backed away completely horrified and told him I was Stephanie, not Lydia.  She then launched into a tirade, of course making use of her considerable acting skills:  "After all of this time that we've been together, you can't tell the difference between me and my sister!  You should be ashamed...etc....etc...."  And then WHAP!  She slapped his face and told him to leave immediately.  A few days later, it occurred to him that he forgot her birthday and he apologized for it.  She nonchalantly said, "Well you're lucky you have a forgiving girlfriend."  Ha!  Needless to say, they eventually went their separate ways!

Did you ever successfully do a twin prank? Let us know in the comments.

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