How the Cole twin sisters got started

How the Cole twin sisters got started

Interview with Shanae and Shaniece Cole

You might recognize the amazingly talented Cole twins, Shanae and Shaniece, from commercials for companies such as AT&T and Popsugar, where they bring their infectious smiles and bubbly personalities.

But on top of that the girls are working hard behind the camera on some of the most well-known shows out there. Where did it all start? We needed to know. 

We interviewed the Cole twins about being twins, how they got started and about their twin arguments. Enjoy!

1. Who are you and what do you do? 

Shanae: My name is Shanae Cole and I work behind the scenes on award shows (more specifically, I work with the post-production department). I am also a professional dancer. 

Shaniece: My name is Shaniece and I am an associate producer on the Steve Harvey talk show.

shanae and shaniece cole twin sisters  

2. How did you get started? 

Shanae: When it comes to dancing, I've been dancing since I was 8 years old. I remember watching a Michael Jackson video marathon on MTV and thought, 'wow i love the way he moves! I want to do that!' And then my dance journey went from there. As for working on the post production side for award shows, I got into that because I love to edit and create visuals. I find the process of putting together nominee packages for example, fascinating because you are literally starting from scratch (creating story boards, watching all nominated films, etc) and aiming to build masterpieces over the course of 3-5 weeks!

Shaniece: I went to Temple University and majored in broadcasting telecommunications and mass media and during my junior and senior year, I did internships that played a major part in building my network in this field.

3. Where do you see yourself in five years? 

Shanae: Five years from now I can see myself producing television shows, particularly sitcoms.

Shaniece: I see myself in a sitcom with my twin sister. we want to write and produce our own television show one day.

Twin sisters Shaniece and Shanae

4. What's your favorite twin moment? 

Shanae: My favorite twin moment would have to be filming our latest commercials together (AT&T and POPSUGAR) because we got to be ourselves.

Shaniece: Speaking at the same time and thinking the same thing at the same time.

5. When you argue, how long does it take for you to become friends? 

Shanae: Less than 5 minutes lol, it's hard to stay mad each other any longer than that because we share the same space!

Shaniece: We make sure we make up before the day is over. We never hold grudges and at the end of the day we need each other and what we have is so special so nothing should break that bond.

6. Do you see being a twin as a strength or weakness in business? 

Shanae: I see it as a strength because no matter what you always have someone to work with and even if say, one twin books something over the other, we still are supportive of one another and it counts as a win for the both of us.

Shaniece: Being a twin is brings strength in business because if someone sees that you are twins and are into the same things and have the same vibes, they see that as bankable. 

shaniece and shanae cole twin sisters

What do you think everyone should know about being twins? 

Shanae: Although we are twins, we are also individuals. 

Shaniece: That we do not have the same interest in boys. just because we are twins doesn't mean we have the same taste in boys

Twin rapid fire questions:

Who is the bossiest? 

Definitely Shaniece lol

Who is the messiest? 


Who is most active on social media? 

Both of us lol

Who is the more shy twin? Shanae (in certain situations lol)

Who is the more adventurous twin? Shanae lol

Lastly, is there an evil twin? Neither of us are evil, we both try to do our best to show love towards one another (and others!)

Thank you, Shanae and Shaniece. We are so impressed by your talents and ambitions. We can't wait to see what the future has in hold for you! 

We love getting to know to fellow twins and this one is a part of our twin interview series (check out the others, including with the Aladdin twins here and Refinery 29's Lucie Fink and her twin sister Allie here)

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