Interview with Daphné and Christelle behind George & Georgette

Interview with Daphné and Christelle behind George & Georgette

Same, same but different is something all twins (identical or fraternal) know to be true. Even if some us of look very similar, it does not mean we are the same. That idea is what inspired twin sister and twinpreneurs, Daphné and Christelle to start their footwear company, George & Georgette. The result is the cutest children shoes have ever seen!

Read on to learn more about their journey, their favorite twin moments, and how they would style the George & Georgette shoes with Twinning Store items.

Twinning Store Interview with Daphné and Christelle behind George & Georgette

Who are you and what do you do?

We are Daphné and Christelle, identical twin sisters born in Belgium. We grew up in a village, had the same friends, fought a lot, were always in the same classroom but never ever sat together and are still sharing a super cool big sister.

Christelle is still working as an elementary school teacher and Daphne was a speech pathologist and acupuncturist before working full time on George & Georgette. 

We are using our Twin mind to revisit the idea of a pair in the shoe industry.

We create mismatched shoes, twins shoes.

Twinning Store Interview with Daphné and Christelle behind George & Georgette

How did you get started?

8 years ago, Daphné moved to NYC with her hubby. The time spent together drastically changed and slowly increased our desire to work together on a common project, so we could call each other more :).

We always loved fashion and anti-conformity so we took one of our "old habit" of exchanging shoes (our mom would always buy us the same outfits but in different colors) and decided to create a brand of twins' shoes, shoes that are not identical but complement each other, like real life twins! 

What's your favorite G&G moment?

A loooot of them, very hard to choose one moment. It's been a happy roller coaster from the beginning. Everything from finding the name, the logo, looking for partners, designing countless of models and prototyping, every moment was special.

Being creative with your twin on a project that reflects us was the best part out of all those moments.

If we had to pick one of our favorites, then it would be an afternoon of July 2 years ago, weather was so nice that we HAD to work outside, we ended up on a terrasse in Central Park where we stayed for hours doing our first feedback on our very first prototypes.

The mood, the place, the view, the weather, the excitement and the sparkling sangria pitcher made that moment an unforgettable one! 

How does being twins help your business?

First, It's our main concept. We want to work the idea of a "pair" from a twin point of view.  

Secondly, we communicate so effortlessly with each other that it's a breeze to work, decide and face problems together. We've been training since birth.


What's your favorite piece from your collection? And how with you style it with your favorite item from Twinning Store?

Our fav pair is the City model because it's the one that stands out the most and we would style it with your super cool toddler T-shirts Twin #1 & Twin #2!

And for ourselves, we looove the "I'm the evil Twin" T-shirt and the "J'adore my twin". We also love the tank tops Womb Mate and Twin #1, 2.

Twin Rapid Fire Questions

Who is the bossiest?

Currently It’s D, before it was C and before that D. And Chances are that C takes the bossiest hat back soon. It keeps changing over time since childhood :)

Who is the messiest?


Who is most active on social media?


Who is the more shy twin?


Who is the more adventurous twin?

CD ex aequo 

Lastly, is there an evil twin?

C (D is answering before C gets to see)

Thank you, Daphné and Christelle! We are so inspired by your story and absolutely adore your designs and the values behind your brand. Check out the George & Georgette website to see all the cute shoes.

We love getting to know to fellow twins and this is our latest interview in our twin interview series (check out the others, including with twinpreneurs We Are Andrex here and twinfluencers Twinnks here)

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