Interview with the Twin Brothers behind JooMo Skincare

Interview with the Twin Brothers behind JooMo Skincare

Some people talk the talk, but don't walk the walk. The twin brothers and twinpreneurs behind JooMoo, Kit and Sam, do both. As you will learn from this interview, these two are passionate about changing the way skin care and skin allergy is treated forever. Mix that with with some good ol' twin rivalry and you can understand how this duo has already made the impressive strides that they have.

Read on to learn more about JooMo, their ambitious plans, and how being twins have shaped their business in more ways than one. 

Who are you and what do you do?

We are Kit and Sam, and as Co-Founders of JooMo, we invented the world's first ever 100% truly natural and preservative free facewash which re-creates the skin's natural environment and ecosystem. As pioneers in the skin health industry, our technology is the first to mobilize natural skin bacteria, to help bring an end to the skin allergy epidemic.

In 2017, we discovered and published the first ever mechanism to measure the health of skin, in our first peer-reviewed paper as joint authors! The more biodiverse the skin microbiome, the healthier the skin. Simple as that!

Preliminary clinical trials with the Medical University of Graz testing the effect of 'big brand name' cosmetics on the microbiome have finished, and are being turned into a paper by Sam and I as we speak! To give you a hint, the results show no difference between the so-called natural product and the synthetic one.  

We both hold Masters degree in Physics; Sam studied Nuclear Astrophysics at Surrey University and the University of Notre Dame while Kit studied Geophysics at UCL where he is already a published 1st author in his field.

We are also Modern Tennis coaches and players, revolutionizing the way tennis is taught and perceived in Britain -  bringing in the high octane, modern sport that we love and leaving the outdated and stifled coaching methodology behind.


Twinning Store JooMo Skin Care Twin Brothers

How did you get started?

Having had skin problems of our own (being very sporty teenage boys, our skin naturally went through a spotty phase), our mum's own skin problems proved to be the straw that broke the camel's back. After trying every treatment available, including so-called ' natural' remedies, and steroid creams, the problems only got worse, prompting a search for the cause.

Research uncovered a startling revelation of an industry-wide cover-up and a £multi-billion deceit. Everyday cosmetics containing many synthetic ingredients were found to be linked to the vast increase in skin allergies in the Western world and to top it off, so-called 'natural' products contained the same sea of synthetic ingredients, with one or two natural ones added in. Normal cosmetic products were thought to have caused a breakdown of the skin's natural environment and led to a vast rise in ailments such as eczema & acne, leading to what is now known as the skin allergy epidemic raging across the Western world.

So we set out to achieve what had been called 'impossible' by the £billion industry; create a truly 100% natural and preservative free face wash. Thus JooMo was invented to solve the skin allergy epidemic, transforming the industry into a research-led, health-preserving one, hailing a new generation of truly natural 'third wave' cosmetics.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Our very realistic aim is to be celebrities of the skin science world and be leading the uprising against the multinational companies who are currently deceiving the public. I see us leading campaigns and speeches all over Europe, adding to the 7 we have lined up in 2018. We will introduce new laws on the misleading marketing of products, and define 'natural' in regulations.

We will have finished Ph.D. type studies on the skin microbiome, uncovering evidence for the first time, whether certain products definitively damage your skin; and there will be JooMo face/body wash in hundreds of spas/salons/changing room showers across the country

Our revolutionary story, similar to that of Anita Rodick's (who founded the Body Shop and was laughed at in her early days fighting for animal cruelty, yet now is a household name), is one which is gaining huge momentum this year. One of the largest cosmetics companies in the world sent threatening letters to us in late 2017, although they later admitted the claims we made about their products were true. As fellow UCL graduate (I, Kit, gained a masters in Geophysics) Mahatma Gandhi said: "At first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.". We are in the third stage of that quote, so there is only winning left to come!

What's your favorite twin moment?

We sometimes have muddled memories. So for example, when we were very small, there was an incident where one of us threw a very heavy boules ball at the other's head, but we are both convinced that we are the one that threw it. Consequently, one of us was taken inside by our grandmother, crying our eyes out and with a dent in our head! Very strange though, that neither of us remembers being the victim...

Twinning Store JooMo Skin Care Twin Brothers


Do you see being a twin as a strength or weakness in business?

You have support every second from someone who is on the same wavelength, but it's also a HUGE selling point! Add the identical twins formula to an already amazing story, and suddenly the world collapses at your feet. There is something mesmerizing about twins to the outside world, which seems to instantly draw people to a story. There is no better marketing strategy than being born a twin, but unfortunately (not) for our competitors it is not something any amount of money can buy.

Being twins even inspired the name, JooMo, which is a version of the French word for twins, 'Jumeaux'.

What do you think everyone should know about being twins?

Even identical ones are different people, who want to forge their own identity independently. Even though they are both halves of their mother's fertilized egg. Also in our case, we have grown up more compassionately because we are used to sharing, and have done since birth. We have had to share birthdays every year, friends etc.

Twinning Store JooMo Skin Care Twin Brothers

Twin Rapid Fire Questions:

Who is the bossiest?


Who is the messiest?


Who is most active on social media?


Who is the more shy twin?


Who is the more adventurous twin?


Lastly, is there an evil twin?

There is an evil twin, and he is called Kit. But this evil twin only surfaces when talking to L'Oreal or Nivea formulators. There is also an evil twin called Sam. He is only evil when playing Kit at tennis.

(The brothers also added another rapid-fire question - love that!) Which twin is the best at tennis?

Sam without a doubt :D (this was definitely not answered by Sam..!)

Thank you, Sam and Kit! We can’t wait to follow your journey in revolutionizing the skincare industry. We are in awe of your passion and will to change things for the better. To stay up to date on all things JooMo Skincare check out their website and Instagram. Make sure to comment and show your support below as well! #twinssupportwins

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