Interview with the Twinpreneurs behind Twinnks

Interview with the Twinpreneurs behind Twinnks


When we heard about Twinnks, we had to know more. Twin sisters and fellow twinpreneurs (i.e. entrepreneurs who are twins), Rebecca and Rachel, are setting out to revolutionize a common problem women face - long-lasting, top-quality bras that don't show underneath your clothing. Or what they call "brablems".


Get an inside scoop on how being twins have affected their Twinnks journey, some great tips for any entrepreneur (not just twinpreneurs), twin moments and what double trouble they have gotten in. 


Who are you and what do you do?

We’re Rebecca and Rachel, founders of Twinnks, a startup bra company solving all of our most irritating “brablems”.

Eventually we hope to expand into all things basics: undershirts, tank tops, t-shirts and more.

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How did you get started?

It started in 2015 when we were talking about our mutual frustration with bras that claim to be invisible under clothing but after a month would show the visible cup lines (which we refer to as the “VCL”).

We read countless articles as to why this happens: wrong size, you’re washing it too much or too little, you’re wearing it too much, you should get professionally measured every 6 months, the list goes on and on. 

As women in our 20s at the time, we found the “rules” for bra upkeep very unrealistic and most of all, untrue. The reason it happens is simple: there’s an abrupt transition from the bra cup to the skin, so after the slightest wear, the line shows.

We always wore undershirts to smooth everything out and during this conversation, we came up with an idea to incorporate the same concept into the bra itself.


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Walk us through the step-by-step process that you went through to get to where you are today. What was the first thing you did? Next?


First, we researched if a solution already existed. The only thing we found was a lot of finger pointing as to why the visible bra line is our fault. This only fueled us to go for it.

Next, we researched if other people agreed this was a problem with reading bra reviews online, asking friends and distributing a 100 person Google survey. 

Once we learned there was a market for it, we did a ton of research on how to develop a product (hats off to people who did this before the internet) and came across MakersRow.coma start-up godsend.  

It’s an online network to connect entrepreneurs and factories. It also has informational blogs, success stories, and how-to guides. We can’t recommend it enough.

Through Maker’s Row, we found a factory based out of San Francisco who immediately got the vision and has been very patient with our inexperienced-design-critiques. The design process can be a waiting game so we made the most of our available time and bought our website domain and set up our website (luckily, Rachel is in Marketing so we didn’t have to hire anyone).

Cups in ✔️ Sizes assigned ✔️

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Then we started building social media content and blogging about what it's like to start a company completely independent of investors or consultants.

In today’s digital age (that phrase ages us, but oh well), launching a product has to be much more strategic and requires a lot of planning, so having our website and social media pages live has been a great way to build awareness.

We’re almost two years in, have had five prototypes made and officially approved the design last week. Now, we’re waiting on the production sample and hope to start selling through our website by the end of the year, or early 2018.



What's your favorite twin moment? 

We have two: one is funny, one is weird.

The weirdest one happened in 7th grade. Rebecca was in math class and Rachel was in gym and we both fainted at the exact same time. Neither of us had ever fainted, so that alone was weird, but when we found each other going to the nurse’s office at the same time and put it together, we freaked out. And, neither of us have fainted since.

The funny one was in college when we were going on a road trip to visit friends. Rachel was driving, per usual, and got pulled over for speeding. Rebecca was sitting pretty in the front seat taking a nap, so Rachel used Rebecca’s ID and she got the ticket. When Rebecca woke up, she agreed that it was hilarious. What’s the point of being identical twins if you can’t trick authorities?


Would you consider being a twin a strength or weakness in business?

STRENGTH (yelled before you could even finish the sentence). It’s sort of the same thing twins experience when they’re young: you have a partner in crime, so you’re more confident in your actions.

The same applies to business. We encourage each other. Plus, we’re very aware of when the other is overwhelmed, so if one is having a bad day, the other happily picks up the slack. That’s why there’s two of us.


Twin Rapid Fire Questions:

Who is the bossiest twin? 
Who is the messiest twin? 
Both. But only a little, nothing disgusting.
Which twin is most active on social media?
Who is the more shy twin? 
Who is the more adventurous twin?
Lastly, is there an evil twin? 
Only if you piss one of us off.


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Thank you, Rebecca and Rachel! We are so twinspired by your ambition and cannot wait to be among the first Twinnks users.

Make sure to check out the website, as well their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you'd like to get in touch with these awesome twinpreneurs you can email them here.

We love getting to know to fellow twins and this is our third interview in our twin interview series (read our interviews with twinpreneurs We Are Andrex here and twinfluencers Strawhat Restoration here).    

Twinning Store was established by twin sisters K & E in Los Angeles in July 2017. We sell clothing for twins, because twins rule! The store is made for twins by twins.