Interview with twin YouTubers Lexi and Sami

Interview with twin YouTubers Lexi and Sami

Twin sisters and YouTubers, Lexi and Sami Paulson, are some active gals. Not only are the busy being adventurers, they are also actively updating their followers on Instagram, and soon-again on YouTube. We decided we needed to know more about their story and what they are currently up to. 

Read on to learn more about how Lexi and Sami got started, what their plans for the future is and who is the more bossy twin. 

Who are you and what do you do?

Our names are Lexi and Sami Paulson.

We turned 16 on November 26th and love all things fashion, beauty, travel, adventures, and trying new things. We are currently traveling the United States with our family of 6 in an RV. We have been to over 35+ States.

We started YouTube 2 years ago but haven't been active and we are starting up YouTube again soon. Other than us we have a little sister who is 10 named Ciara, and a little brother named Max who is 3. 


How did you get started?

We got started with Instagram and YouTube from Brooklyn and Bailey (twin Youtubers) we met them at CVX in Utah and got inspired to start our own. 

When you argue, how long does it take for you to become friends?

Depending on the argument, it usually doesn’t last long. But some lasts til the next mourning, then we forget about it. 

What is your favorite Youtube Channel?

Our favorite Youtubers are mainly twin Youtubers. We like Brooklyn and Bailey, Merrell Twins, Dolan twins, the channel Squared, etc. 

Would you consider being a twin a strength or weakness?

Strength most definitely!

We know we will always have someone there for us, we know we will always have a best friend.

We know that we will always have someone to count on and have our back. And we always have someone who understands us. There is a few small weaknesses of course like always being referred to as “the twins”. But other then that, being a twin is a huge strength.

Twin Rapid Fire Questions

Who is the bossiest?
Who is the messiest?
Who is most active on social media?
Who is the more shy twin?
Who is the more adventurous twin?
Lastly, is there an evil twin?
Not by much but we are being honest sooo - Lexi


Thank you, Lexi and Sami! We look forward to seeing you on Youtube and following your adventures!

Check out the twin sisters on their social media. Instagram- @lexiandsami, YouTube- lexiandsami and lexiandsami

We love getting to know to fellow twins and this is our fourth interview in our twin interview series (check out the others, including with twinpreneurs We Are Andrex here and twinfluencers Strawhat Restoration here)

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