Interview with Twinfluencers Regina and Valentina Prez

Interview with Twinfluencers Regina and Valentina Prez

Regina and Valentina Prez are multi-talented twinfluencers from Mexico City.

These twin sisters know how to dance, sing and act. With their ever-expanding following on Instagram and Facebook, you may think that it would show in their approach. But nothing could farther from the truth. These girls are the most supportive and approachable and we are so happy that they front our brand (see photo above) and have let us interview them.

Read on to learn about how they got started, their favorite twin moment and favorite twin video.

Who are you and what do you do?

We are Regina and Valentina Prez, we’re singers, actresses, dancers and influencers.

How did you get started?

Since we were little we really liked the artistic life and decided to get into a school for that, and then we start practicing it professionally.

regina and valentina prez twins

What's your favorite twin moment?

All the moments together are so fun! But our favorite is when we do plans to see movies or go shopping.

When you argue, how long does it take for you to become friends?

We fight a lot, and most of them are for nonsense, but we like to reconcile fast.

twin sisters regina and valetina prez

What is your favorite twin movie?

The Parent Trap.

Would you consider being a twin a strength or weakness in business?

Being 2 as twins is a strength.

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Regina and Vale is wearing the Twinning Store Yes We're Twins t-shirts in Mint and Grey.  

Thank you, Regina and Vale! We look forward to watching you grow and following your journey!   

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