Our 4 favorite Halloween versions of the Shining Twins

Twinning Store Shining Twins Costume Original

As predicted, the Shining twins win the best Halloween costume every year.

The famous Grady twin sisters in Stanley Kubrick's famous movie The Shining from 1980 will forever haunt us with their eerie line:

"Come play with us, Danny. Forever… and ever… and ever." 

The costume is a great twinning costume (and as a store twins you know we gravitate towards those!).

How do you put the costume together?

Easy! You can pull it off with:

    1. a light blue dress (like this one or this one)
    2. white silk belt (like this one)
    3. long white socks (like these)
    4. black doll shoes (like these)
    5. side-parted hair with hair clips in (like these)
    6. AND most importantly a TWIN (whether it be your actual twin, sister, friend, parent, etc). 

    We have seen tons of good attempts during Halloween, but in the end some are just better than others. Here are our 4 favorites from past years:

    4. The happiest version - the cutest smiles (@magdalena16):

    A post shared by magdalena16 (@magdalena16) on


    3. Most spot-on version (@stevierandallyn):


    2. The best line delivery - these girls have it down! (by @macstash):

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    1. The most hilarious version - Bruce Willis and his assistent (by@emmahemingwillis): 



    Have you see any twin costumes that deserves a mention? Let us know in the comments or contact us here.

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