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Our favorite 5 twin sayings perfect for Instagram captions

Our favorite 5 twin sayings perfect for Instagram captions

There are so many cute sayings about being twins. Looking for your next Instagram caption, things to say to your twin or what to write in a card to your twin friends?

We went through our Instagram and gathered some of our favorites. 

Here are some of our all-time favorites (if you are looking for more, check out our extensive list of 120 twin sayings here or twin mom captions here):

5. Nothing can come betwin us: 

A post shared by A store for twins by twins ( on


4. Cause two is better than one:



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3. All we do is twin twin twin:


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2. They wish they were twinning like us: 


1. Born together, best friends forever:


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We would love to see your favorites too - let us know in the comments.

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