6 twin insights from Rock Paper Sisters

6 twin insights from Rock Paper Sisters

We love learning about fellow entrepreneurs (or twinpreneurs as we like to call it). And we love to discover that cool companies have twin founders behind them. One such company that we recently came across is Rock Papers Sisters, a custom design studio in West Virginia founded by twin sisters Megan and Lindsay. 

We interviewed Megan and Lindsay about their favorite twin moments, their thriving company and lots more! Enjoy! 

1. Who are you and what do you do?

We are Megan and Lindsay, twin sisters and co-owners of Rock Paper Sisters, a design studio in Hurricane, West Virginia that specializes in custom wedding stationery, graphic design and gifts. 

Twin Sisters holding hands Twinning Store Rock Paper Sisters

2. How did you get started?

We both have undergraduate degrees in public relations and graduate degrees in integrated marketing, so graphic design has always been a part of our lives. (Yes, we had the exact same major, went to the exact same colleges and we roomed together throughout all of undergrad!) 

We designed Megan's wedding invitations in 2008, and then we did Lindsay's in 2012.

After that, we had tons of friends and family asking for help with their stationery, and from there, Rock Paper Sisters was born! Since that time, we've grown into a full design studio, providing workshops and custom gifts in addition to graphic design and stationery. 

3. What's your favorite twin moment?

It's really hard for us to pick a favorite twin moment!

We've had so many great experiences together from going to Twins Days together in Twinsburg, Ohio to winning a state championship together on our high school hurdle team to living together all through college.

When we moved to a bigger home in early elementary school and were finally able to get our own rooms, we used to sneak down the hall in the middle of the night to each others' rooms to sleep in the same bed. We always wanted to be together! Our younger sister, Emma, always recognized that we were weirdly close like this. 

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Probably one of our most defining moments as twins was when a college professor assigned us as partners for our capstone project in our public relations major. It was the one and only time we had EVER been paired together on a project. We were tasked to create a business, make a business plan and create an entire public relations and marketing campaign. It was the start of realizing our shared passion in owning a business together someday!  

4. Do you see being a twin as a strength or weakness?

We think being twins is a definite strength, especially in our business. Every client receives double the customer service and double the quality control on their products.

Additionally, we're able to work together on everything behind the scenes with our business - partnerships, marketing, business planning, etc. It's so helpful to have a built in business partner!  

Twin sisters hugging Rock Paper sisters

5. What do you think is the biggest misconception about twins?

We think the biggest misconception about being twins is that because we're twins, we're exactly the same. This could not be more false! While we definitely look alike, we could not be more different.

Lindsay is much more right brain, focusing on the visual and creative. Megan is so much more left brain, focusing on the logistics and organization of things. We have different hobbies and interests outside of our work together, and when presented with the same task, we would likely tackle it completely differently!

We also have to add, we cannot read each others' minds. That's definitely a misconception about twins - at least from our experience! 

6. What is the cheesiest twin joke anyone has pulled on you?

It's not really a joke, but one of the funniest things people ask us is, "What's it like being a twin?" The best answer we can give is, "What's it like not being a twin?!" It's funny that people don't realize that we don't know any other way of life - we've clearly always been twins, so whatever it's like to be twins is just a normal day for us! Additionally, people always ask us our names with great anticipation. Sorry to disappoint, but they don't rhyme! 

Twin Rapid Fire Questions

Who is the bossiest?


Who is the messiest?


Who is most active on social media?


Who is the more shy twin?

Lindsay - more private than shy. Neither of us are shy! 

Who is the more adventurous twin?

Megan - she's jumped out of an airplane, so that pushed it over the edge! 

Lastly, is there an evil twin?


Thank you, Megan and Lindsay. Your story is so inspiring. We love your great twin insights. Especially how although twins may be alike we can also fulfill each other with our differences. Which you guys do perfectly! We love following you guys and can't wait to see what is next in store for Rock Paper Sisters. We also hope to one day have the chance to attend one of your workshops!

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