life is better with a twin t-shirt

The only gift guide you need this year

Whether you’re shopping for your twin or you need a wish list to forward to the people asking, this is your gift guide!

You might be tempted to buy something for yourself too, and that’s okay. We are proponents of the treat-yourself movement, especially around the holidays.

We’ve categorized all of our favorite finds in terms of the price to fit any budget, whether that be for stocking stuffers or for the main event.

Under $150


We love a classic silhouette like a white tee and a pair of skinny jeans. Our favorite combination is our ‘All we do is twin twin twin’ t-shirt and these jeans from JBrand. They’re classic, stylish, and these in particular are made of sustainable denim, which is something we can get behind.

j brand jeans twins


Rosie Fortescue Jewellery is a great option for the twin who likes a little glam during the holidays. The stacking rings (especially in silver) are our personal favorites because of how minimalistic they are. If minimalistic isn’t your thing, don’t worry - they have a variety of options to choose from.

What’s even more special about this brand is the fact that Rosie Fortescue is a twin herself, and you know we are huge fans of supporting our fellow twins.


Did you think we would forget the best part of the holiday season? Of course not. There’s no shortage of sweaters offered at the Twinning Store.

Among our personal favorites is the Twinsetter sweatshirt:

emma slater twinsetter sweater


And the ‘J’adore my twin’ sweatshirts in black and pink:

j'adore my twin sweater in black and pink


Under $50


Time to break out the coats and cardigans because winter is almost here. Just as important as the coat is the t-shirt you’re wearing underneath. We got you covered for those times when it’s just a little too warm in the office for that cute cardigan you brought.

This classic ‘Life is better with a twin’ t-shirt is one of our best sellers:

life is better with a twin t-shirts

In white here and in navy here.

We also love the ‘My Twin Loves Me’ t-shirt in Grey. 

my twin loves me t-shirt



If you’re interested in supporting more twin-founded companies, we have another one for you! Benefit Cosmetics, based in San Francisco, was founded by twins Jean and Jane Ford. These twins have created a brand all of their own with a retro, vintage vibe. Another benefit of purchasing from them during the holidays is their festive holiday sets.

B.right! Delights! limited edition skincare value set comes with three skincare products for a clear and bright complexion and BROWVO! eyebrow conditioner.


Stocking stuffers


Hats and beanies are essential during the wintertime and are our go-to because they are simple to pair with just about everything. Maxi dress, booties, and a trench coat? Top it off with a beanie. Our beanies come in classic colors, like black, white, and gray, and are minimally designed so declaring your twin love is done subtle but clear. The Evil Twin and Twin For Life beanies has quickly become our bestsellers.

twin beanies evil twin


Home Décor

Candles are some of our favorite stocking stuffers to gift and receive. Our favorite style of candles are naturally-scented ones, like lavender. These candles from West Elm are fragrance-infused natural wax with a cotton wick and come in three colors: Rose Quartz (our favorite), Alabastar, and Onyx. What’s even better about these candles is the fact that the marbled ceramic vessel can be re-used once the candle is gone.  

west elm twinning store

Still not sure what to get? Make sure to try out our product quiz here.

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