Interview with the Twin Mommy behind GuzzleBuddy from Shark Tank

Interview with the Twin Mom behind GuzzleBuddy from Shark Tank

We got so excited when we saw the brilliant Shark Tank pitch of twin mom and entrepreneur, Jennifer Sullivan. Her product, the Guzzle Buddy, is awesome and best explained as the Guzzle Buddy website states: "It turns your Bottle into Your Glass! Simply screw the glass into your favorite bottle. Aerate, pour and drink in one easy step. It makes drinking from the bottle CLASSY... or just plain FUN!" 

We wanted to learn more about Jennifer, Guzzle Buddy and her experience raising twins. Read on to be inspired!

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Jennifer Sullivan.  I am the co-inventor and the owner of the Guzzle Buddy.  I work with my brother-in-law Randy Rothfus.  We have known each other since preschool. 

Twin Mom behind GuzzleBuddy from Shark Tank

How did you get started?

We both loved wine and wine related products. 

One day while I was watching an old sitcom I saw a glass that attached to a bottle. I called Randy and we both searched the internet wanting the glass. We couldn't find it or anything like it anywhere, so we decided to do the next best thing and make it ourselves!

From there we developed a wine and beer Guzzle Buddies made in China from borosilicate glass, and we just released our Tritan unbreakable plastic beer and wine Guzzle Buddies made in the USA. BPA free, dishwasher safe and freezer safe. Kids love to put a couple scoops of ice cream in the glasses and plug them into a root beer or orange soda. It makes the best soda floats!

Twin Mom behind GuzzleBuddy from Shark Tank

How was your experience at Shark Tank? 

It was the most exciting and scary experience ever! We had a great time, and we were happy to strike a deal with Daymond John.  We are still working with his team to finalize everything.


How has it affected your business? 

Business has picked up a lot.  Especially from the wholesale side.  We have brought on 9 sales reps just this week and the wholesale orders are coming in daily.  We have also received a ton of press and social media attention.  It has been awesome! 

Twin Mom behind GuzzleBuddy from Shark Tank

What fascinates you the most about twins (especially your own)?

I think the most amazing thing about twins is not how similar they are but how different they are. It's amazing how two people can be raised in the same environment but develop into such unique individuals.  Like all twins they share that amazing bond, but also the characteristics of their own personalities need to grow independently.  


What do you like about twin parents? 

I like that as twin parents we are a special community.  They truly understand the ups and downs and unique aspects associated with having twins.  

Twin Mom behind GuzzleBuddy from Shark Tank

What recommendations do you have for other twin parents?  

Let your children become their own person.  It's so easy to assume that because one child does one thing, or likes one thing that the other will probably follow in their footsteps. I think it's easy to fall into that trap.  They can be fiercely independent trying to express themselves over the other twin.  You need to let them explore life for themselves to cultivate their own desires and interests.

Thank you, Jennifer! We love the Guzzle Buddy story and your twin mom insights! You are a true example of twin moms of being super moms! Follow Guzzle Buddy on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram with handle @guzzlebuddy.

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