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Interview with About-Twins.com Founder Kate

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Interview with About-Twins.com Founder Kate

Interview with About-Twins.com Founder Kate 

We love twinpreneurs and when we discovered that the founder of about-twins.com was a twin, we needed to know more. 

If you are a new or expecting twin parent wondering about anything twins, chances are you have been to www.about-twins.com. The site "wants to prepare twin parents for the task of raising two well-adjusted, independent children. We want moms and dads around the world to have loads of fun in their role as parents of twins, while still having an outlet to discuss concerns and anxiety in relation to becoming or being a twin parent.

About-twins.com was launched by journalist Kate Phillipa Clark in 2016 when she decided to build a website targeted towards parents of twin. Read on to learn more about her journey and the incredible library of resources Kate has built for new twin parents.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a journalist who three years ago was at a point where I was working for a great company, but writing about subjects I wasn't truly passionate about.

I had recently become a mom which - on an emotional level - was life-changing for me and brought back feelings and memories from my own childhood.

I grew up with an identical twin sister and have always been interested in how "the outside world" reacts to us and how being a twin affects your identity.


Our dad is an identical twin as well, and I think we have benefited from having a parent who knows what it's like to be an identical twin - even though I’ve experienced that different "pairs" of twins can feel very differently about that.

With all this in mind, I decided to change my professional life to something I am truly passionate about. So, after a lot of consideration, I quit my job and launched about-twins.com.


What is about-twins.com all about?

About-twins.com targets parents, who have or are expecting twins. The site gives them access to free articles about everything pertaining to twins.

Parents can use our twin pregnancy week by week guide, read about twin pregnancy complications, twin birth, c-section with twins, and learn about premature twins.

They can also search for just the right twin girl names or twin boy names and get advice from other mothers in our recently launched twin forum.

Finding the perfect twin nursing pillow or the best books about twins may sound mundane, but it can make a difference to someone who feels out of her depth. I hope that our community can be a meeting point for parents of twins, enabling them to make connections and share advice across countries and cultures.

Thank you, Kate! We can’t wait to follow about-twins.com success and a really twinspired by your journey.

Make sure to check out theabout-twins.com.

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