Interview with Hoop Maps twins Donte and Dominic Morris

Interview with Hoop Maps twins Donte and Dominic Morris

For entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs alike, Shark Tank is a fascinating and inspiring show to watch. It is always great to watch entrepreneurs passionately present their creative business ideas in front of the equally passionate sharks. Twin brothers and entrepreneurs, Donte and Dominic Morris, was on the show last year with their app, HoopMaps - an app that helps you find pickup games around your neighborhood.

Who you are and what you do?

We are Donte and Dominic Morris, twin brothers from Oakland, California. We are entrepreneurs and started a basketball app company called HoopMaps.


What it is like to work together as twins?

Working together has been a great experience. Working with someone you trust make it a lot easier to become more productive, plus we are both able to become more productive because we know we have each other backs. 


What was it like having your company on Shark Tank?

The experience on Shark Tank was fun, us walking through the double doors to see the sharks was very exciting. Plus we got to play 2 on 2 against Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez on national television, which was pretty cool. The sharks gave us some good advice about our app and we took that advice in stride and is working hard everyday to build it up.


Do you have any advice for other twin entrepreneurs out there?

Our advice to other twin entrepreneurs is to always follow through with your idea, a lot of people will say no, but as long as you believe it that is all it takes to keep going, plus two heads are better than one so bounce ideas off your twin and see what you can come up with. 

Thank you, Donte and Dominic! Check out HoopMaps website to learn more about the app and watch Donte and Dominic Morris in action on Shark Tank.

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