Twin insights from the multi-talented Aladdin twin sisters

Twin insights from the multi-talented Aladdin twin sisters

If you aren't already familiar with the Aladdin twins, we are excited to help you discover them as they are true twin inspiration. 

The Aladdin twins, Rebekah and Rachel, are multi-talented twin sisters based out of LA. While Rebekah is a celebrity make-up artist who recently got chosen to be a part of Allure's Incubator series. In addition, Rachel, has made a solid career for herself in a completely different industry.  As a Director of Executive Recruiting working for one of the top companies in that space. 

As that wasn't impressive enough, the twins both model and sing and you may have seen them in music videos to artists such as Chris Brown and O.T. Genasis. 

Having taken such different paths, the twin sisters still remain very close. We are thrilled that the twin sisters agreed to let us interview them about their experiences as twins. Enjoy!  

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Who are you and what do you do?

Rebekah (aka Reine) is a celebrity makeup artist and Rachel is a Director of Executive Recruiting at a national staffing firm. Outside of our everyday careers, we both sing and model - you might spot us in a few of your favorite artist's videos. 

How did you get started?

Rebekah got started with make up as a make-up assistant on set of an independent film. At the the time she was also working as an Assistant Resident Director at UCLA and barber on the side. She eventually retired from UCLA and pursued make-up full time. 

Since graduating UCLA, Rachel has worked in Corporate. She started a career in advertising as a Media Strategist on major entertainment accounts like Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. She later switched careers after a family-friend referred her to her current role in recruiting. She published an article on Forbes that gives a bit more insight on her transition and how she did it (click here to read the article).


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Where do you see yourself in five years?

This always a hard question for us.. Every year we dream a little bigger. Our goal is for year 5 to be more amazing than we could have every imagined - career, family, health! =) 

What's your favorite twin moment?

The moments when we're twinning on accident.

We don't have a lot of the same clothes (only a few items), but there have been a few times where we will get dressed separately and arrive to a place wearing the exact same outfit from head to toe! 

What should people know about twins?

Being a twin is as awesome as it sounds, but it's also a lot of work!

You have a whole other person that you’re responsible for and your level of responsibility and commitment to each other constantly changes as you growth through life.

It's weird to come into the world with someone, grow up together, have very similar life experiences, and then wake up one day and realize you are two very different people.

It's a relationship that's constantly growing and changing. People assume that twins HAVE to be close, but they don't. It's a decision that we make and constantly work towards. 

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When you argue, how long does it take for you to become friends?

It really depends on the argument and how "wronged" one of us feels. Most times we can get over it in just a few minutes.

Sometimes it will take a few hours. In our adult years, there have been a few arguments that lasted days - those aren't fun at all! 

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Who is the bossiest?


Who is the messiest?

We're both Virgos and A type personalities, so we're very clean BUT let's say Rebekah in the kitchen, Rachel in the bedroom closet.

Who is most active on social media?


Who is the more shy twin?

Both - we take turns.

Who is the better driver?

Define better.. ha! - Rebekah.

Who is the more adventurous twin?


Lastly, is there an evil twin?


Thank you, Rebekah and Rachel. We are in awe of your endless talents and love how you are actively working on your twin relationship. Look forward to see what the future has in hold for you! 

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