interview twin sisters and artists carmen and camilla

Twin Insights from Twin Sisters and Musicians Carmen and Camille

Interview with Twin Sisters and Musicians Carmen and Camille

Canadian twin sisters and musicians, Carmen and Camille, are some talented gals. Their award-nominated music in the indietronica genre is cherished by fans worldwide and the sisters each contribute to the unique sound with playing instruments and vocals. We wanted to know more about their story and what they are currently up to. 

In this interview you will learn more about how Carmen and Camille got their career started, what their favorite twin moment is and who is the more bossy twin. 

Who are you and what do you do?

We are Carmen and Camille, we make music together and like to spread good vibes. 

interview twin sisters and artists carmen and camilla

How did you get started?

We’ve been singing and making music together since we were really little, our parents are musical and so we grew up in a musical environment. 

What's your favorite twin moment?

I think our favorite moments are when we have success together and reach milestones and goals with our career. It feels amazing making music with your twin and having that touch people. And feeling like what we’ve done creatively as a team matters. 

Do you see being a twin as a strength or weakness?

Being a twin is absolutely a strength, we do feel a twinnergy when we put our minds to something together. We get to have a life partner  to experience everything with. It can be a bit of a crutch sometimes as we always have each other so we don’t need a lot of outside friendships but we are trying to expand our bubble. 


Did you always want to be in business together? 

I think we always will be working together in some capacity. As much as it can be challenging working with family it is also what we know and love. 

What do you think is the biggest misconception about twins?

That we would ever date the same guy. It’s sad how many times that question gets asked. 

What is the cheesiest twin joke anyone has pulled on you?

Well the worst question we’ve been asked is how do we tell each other apart. We don’t think the person thought that one through too much. It’s as easy as remembering our own names lol. 

Is there any advice you wish you had received from other twins growing up?

We didn’t really know a lot of twins growing up but the advice that would have been cool to know and that maybe someone can hear from us now is to embrace your similarities and your differences.

You will be compared to each other but that is okay. You each bring something to the table :) 

interview twin sisters and artists carmen and camilla


Who is the bossiest? 

If it’s about finances or business or life in general we would say Carmen. If it’s about music it’s Camille.

Who is the messiest?


Who is most active on social media?


Who is the more shy twin?


Who is the more adventurous twin? 

Roller coasters or sky diving it’s Carmen, most other things Camille.

Lastly, is there an evil twin?

We each have our moments but if we had to pick we pick Camille lol. 

Photos by Yosep Kim

Thank you, Carmen and Camille! We look forward to following your adventures! We are sure sky is the limit for such great twinfluencers like you <3

Check out the twin sisters on their instagram- @carmenandcamille and YouTube here .

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