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What Michele Lovetri wants all parents to know about having twins

An exclusive interview with twin mom blogger Michele Lovetri

Michele Lovetri is one of those women where you wonder "how she does it". In addition to being a twin mom, she is in a full-time job AND runs the blog 
Michele Lovetri – In My Own Words. We love that she doesn't try to sugarcoat anything about her experiences and it's a refreshing approach that the world is ready for. 

Not only that, but Michele is one of the most gracious and supporting women we have met. She is a true supermom and we are excited that we had a chance to interview her recently. 

In this interview, you will learn more about Michele, her biggest fears going into twin parenting and what she wishes she had known prior to having her twins. 

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Michele and I’m a mom of fraternal twin boys that are almost two years old (I’ve survived!), wife to my best friend for 6 ½ years, writer, blogger, Reiki practitioner, professional snot wiper, diaper changer extraordinaire, boo-boo kisser, tantrum mediator, toddler therapist and avid lover of impromptu dance parties.

I do work a 9-5 and spend as much of my free time as possible building my blog Michele Lovetri – In My Own Words where I blog about this messy journey of parenthood and life in hopes of uniting us. It’s our responsibility to lift each other up and refill the coffee!

Michele Lovetri Twin Mom interview

How did you get started? 

I majored in Communications in college and have always had a love for writing. It has always been a way for me to connect with people and also been very cathartic for me.

While I have experienced some trials and tribulations in life nothing has tested me like parenthood had, especially being a parent of twins! After battling infertility, we became pregnant with our boys and thus the journey began.

This journey of motherhood could be a lonely one and writing has helped me immensely. I am hoping that thru my words and experiences others could find an area of refuge.

What fascinates you the most about twins (especially your own)?

My husband is an identical twin and the bond that he has with his brother is far unlike your typical sibling bond and I am beginning to see that same connection starting to form with my boys.

They look out for each other and look for each other. In the morning if one is up earlier and taken out of the crib and the other wakes up they will say, “Where’s brother?” When one is crying the other will rub his back and say, “Ok brother, Ok brother” and it’s all I could do not to cry. I pray their bond remains this strong forever.

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Michelle rocking our I love my twins (most days) t-shirt 

What was the biggest fear you had going into twin motherhood?

Being a first-time mom comes with a naïveté but it’s a very worrisome pregnancy. Always looking for two heartbeats, always ensuring the anatomy scans for two babies have healthy results, etc. The pregnancy is really trying.

In addition to that I battled postpartum depression and anxiety pretty severely so if I will answer this honestly, I feared that I may never connect with them or feel love equally for them. I overcame my PPD and PPA (although still struggle at time) and there is absolutely enough love for both! So much my heart could burst at the thought!

What has surprised you the most about your twins?

They continue to surprise me every single day, especially with those blow-outs! But what has truly surprised me the most is how fast they grow. Honestly, they go from snuggling with you every moment to exerting their independence and not wanting to hold your hand and it seems as if it goes by in the blink of an eye. 

Michele Lovetri mom of twins carrying twin

What is the number one myth about having twins you would like to debunk?

That because my husband is a twin that must be the reason we have twins! We get that all the time. Also, I can totally tell them apart without issue!

Is there any advice about having twins you wish you had been given?

I wish someone had told me to never, ever compare, especially in that first year. I spent most of those first 12 months comparing them to one another and when one would reach a milestone and the other didn’t I would fixate on the one that did not.

They truly are their own unique and wonderful beings and kids do things on their own, in their own time, in spite of all that we do. I wish I digested this prior too!


Michele Lovetri Twin Mom twin boys

Thank you, Michele. We love your refreshingly honest approach to blogging about parenting. We're in awe of how you manage to find time for it all! Very inspiring and we can't wait to follow you and your family in the years to come <3

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