Twinfluencer Interview #1: Straw Hat Restoration

Twinfluencer Interview #1: Straw Hat Restoration

We love hearing stories about other twins in business. So when we came across the twins, James and Jason Harrison, behind Straw Hat Restoration from Toronto we had to learn more. Below is the result of our interview with them. This is also our very first Twinfluencer interview. Enjoy!

1. What was your twinspiration for starting Straw Hat Restoration?  

Our Twinspiration actually came from our Father. A working man, builder, farmer and family man his entire life. This old timer chizzled us into who we are today. Best buddies and hard working twins. :) 

2. How did you get started once you had decided to start the company?
It was definitely hard to get things off the ground but luckily, there are two of us! So Jason started running the day to day business while I (James) could do the high level management and still keep my day job.  

3. Was it a natural decision to start the business together as twins? 

100%! Jason called me one afternoon and said. "Bro, I quite my job. Wanna start our own company?" Naturally I said, "Yep" ... the rest is history.  It also helps that once our wives, family and friends heard we were starting our own thing. They all rushed to the gates to support us in anyway they could. It was an incredible feeling for both of us. I suppose people believe in the power of the Twin Dragon ;p

 4. What is the favorite moment to date? 

Two moments. 

#1. With our first pay-check we purchased a bottle of scotch to share between us. Nothing fancy or expensive but this was a big thing to us as it marked our first successful project and our first step into a new chapter of our lives.

#2. Opening our first office resulted in a lot of high fives! When we finally stood back and got to look at what we built. What an incredible feeling.

5. What is the future plan for Straw Hat Restoration? 

Our company growth has been almost shocking to us. We have had so much personal and professional support from our family and friends we really don't know how we would have even got here if not for them?! 

With that support, we are actually starting 3 new company divisions/partnerships and will be launching all three in the coming months. 

Twin powers activate!



6. If you were not running Straw Hat Restoration, what would you be doing today?

If Straw Hat wasn't the huge attention seeking baby in our lives at the moment, like it is. I think Jason, myself, my partner Johanna and Jason's partner Lisa would probably have to hit the road and start a traveling Blue Grass band! Right?! With high hopes of making it big in Nashville lol :) or maybe a 90's R&B cover band. Tough choice.

In all honesty, Jason and I come from an entrepreneurial family. It's in our blood and it's what wakes us up every morning. 

If it wasn't Straw Hat we would have started something else and would have had the same incredible support from our loved ones at whatever it was we chose to do.  

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