Twinfluencer Spotlight: Beyond The Waves

Twinfluencer Spotlight: Beyond The Waves

That the twin bond is special is widely known, but that doesn't stop us from being amazed and moved time and time again. But no one has moved us as much as the twins behind Beyond the Waves, Julia and Michael Toronczak. Their twin bond and a story that is truly unique and we love following their Instagram. We are so twinspired by the important awareness work they are doing and so we decided to ask Julia to tell their story in their words. 

My name is Julia Toronczak. I’m currently in my last year of Undergrad at UC San Diego studying General Biology, hoping to attend medical school in the future. I swim for the NCAA team, love chocolate and pasta, and am surrounded by incredible people. But most importantly, I am a twin. And what makes our bond even more special, is that my twin brother, Michael, has Down Syndrome.

In our population, twins account for approximately 3% of births. That percentage drops even more in the case of Down Syndrome, where one twin is affected, and the other is not. And I couldn’t imagine a better twin to have. Growing up with Michael has taught me more than anyone else could have. And having him as a twin has made it even better. We’ve been together since before day 1.

We both entered the world as each other’s best friends, and no one can take that bond away from us. We’ve grown up with an inseparable connection that’s unique. Although Michael lacks the ability to speak with words, we still have a “telepathic” understanding of what’s going on with each other.

Having a sibling with special needs is already rewarding, but even more so when they are your twin. I love my little dude who’s also my best friend!


Julia and Michael, we are true fans and we love to follow you. Thank you for the work you do and for shining that extra light in the world. 

To follow Beyond the Waves, check out their website (add yourselves to their newsletter) and their Instagram. You will not regret it!  

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