Twinning Store Top 5 Instagram posts in 2017

Twinning Store Top 5 Instagram posts in 2017

2017 will forever be special for Twinning Store, as it was the year we launched our business and started building the worldwide network of twinfluencers on Instagram. 

To celebrate the year that we left behind, we thought it would be fun to summarize with the top 5 most liked Twinning Store Instagram posts in 2017:


5. "I didn't choose the twin life, the twin life chose me" meme 

4. Vale and Regina Prez rocking their Twinning Store t-shirts (read our interview with them here)

3. "Thankful for my twin" meme


2. Chloe and Jenna (aka @dutch_twins)

1. Tantot Twins wearing their Twin hats.


Thank you again for making our first year in business such a great year. Twins truly rule and we can't wait for 2018! Xoxo, K&E

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