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Interview #1 with We are Andrex

From the second we discovered We Are Andrex on Instagram we wanted to learn more. The fashionable jewelry design that brightens all the posts just had us intrigued. When we learned that the founders were twin sisters, we, of course, had to interview them. Below is the result. Enjoy!

Who are you and what do you do?

Our names are Alex and Andrea and together we are ANDREX. We recently left our jobs to fully commit ourselves to our online jewelry business called, WE ARE ANDREX. It’s definitely a huge chapter in our lives, and we are learning and growing throughout every step of this experience. Alex is a Freelance Visual + Graphic Designer - she works on branding, logos, business cards, emails, and websites. Andrea is a Speech Language Pathologist Assistant and has worked with kids with special needs.

How did you get started?

We have been making jewelry since we were in middle school - creating BFF bracelets out of string, making wire wrap rings, simple chokers, etc. We have always been eager to learn new crafts and would really just give them as gifts to our friends and family and didn’t think much of it.

It wasn’t until last year, in 2016, when Andrea, Twin A, picked up a bathing suit from a boutique. The owner of the store was talking about an event that she was going to host in October and how there will be a bunch of talented vendors selling their goodies. Andrea immediately said, “Well, my sister and I make jewelry!” (mind you, we hadn’t made jewelry in over 3 years lol). And that’s when it all began. The event was two weeks away and we both made hundreds of chokers and bracelets! From there we wanted to continue riding the journey and adventure of WE ARE ANDREX.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Honestly, we aren’t big planners of the future. Everything happens for a reason. We are the type to go with the flow and ride the waves. Next year we are super excited to be going to San Diego for a couple of months, and if we really like it there we are planning to stay there for a year or so. We hope to see WE ARE ANDREX grow in a way that we can imagine us fully working as TWIN BOSSES.

What's your favorite twin moment?

There are millions of twin moments!! But one really good twin moment that we like to share is when we finally understood that twins just don’t compare lol - that rhymes. Back in high school students and even teachers didn’t really understand that the comments they would make would have a huge impact on us.


  • Who’s the evil twin? You’re the evil twin right?

  • You’re the pretty twin.

  • You’re the smart twin.

  • You’re the quiet twin.

  • You’re the mature twin.

  • You’re the funny twin.

Anyways, you get the point lol. We sat down one day and told each other to not let other people compare us. We are two unique souls. And this made us even stronger and made us who we are today. Now we just laugh it off and not let it get to us.

What's your favorite piece from your collection? And what would you pair with on the Twinning Store?

Our WAA Candies are our original pieces and one of our favorites! Growing up we’d always wear the SAME clothes but in DIFFERENT colors - funny right? Andrea would wear pink and Alex would wear purple. This is what we bring to WE ARE ANDREX - a variety of colors of the same accessory piece to match with your BFF in TWINSTYLE. These arm candies are easily stackable and would definitely look good with your awesome twin shirts!

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When you argue, how long does it take for you to become friends?

Right away. We may give each other space right after we apologize, but as long as the other twin knows that they are okay then it’s all good.

We want to thank Alex and Andrea for taking the time for this interview. 

Check out the We are Andrex website here. And make sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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Twinning Store was established by twin sisters K & E in Los Angeles in July 2017. We sell clothing for twins, because twins rule! The store is made for twins by twins.