Twinning Store How is it being a twin?

What is it like to be a twin?

It’s a question you ALWAYS get as a twin - "what is it like to be a twin?"
Well truth is, as a twin you don’t know any different and so it is hard to answer.
But there are some things we as twins that we don't know that non-twins do. So we sat down and discussed our own twin habits. 

Here is the result from that session. Some of our favorite twin habits:
  • Wake up every morning and text is twin before anyone else. (Side note: when it comes to texting, the number of text messages to your twin greatly exceeds anyone else)
  • Being honest to a fault with your twin regardless of topic. (Side note: relationships with other people become hard at times, because you’re used to being (too) honest with your twin and don’t know where the boundary goes for others.)
  • Speak in a second language. Twins often speak in their own language. One without fewer words and often half sentences, but filled with looks and other body language signals. (Side note: It is often hard for others to keep up with.)
  • Being used to (and preferring) to share with someone. When you are used to sharing from the very beginning. Almost every move you’ve made in life you share with your twin. 
  • Backing each other up when one is in trouble. 

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twin sisters skateboarding in twin hats

Twinning Store was established by twin sisters K & E in Los Angeles in July 2017. We sell clothing for twins, because twins rule! The store is made for twins by twins.