We asked what is it like to date a twin?

We asked what is it like to date a twin?

We have always wondered what it is like to be a newcomer to our twin relationship, whether it as a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, friend or sibling. It is also one of the most commonly asked questions online. So we thought why don't we ask someone that has gone through just that? First out in this series of getting to know these people entering the twin gang, are boyfriends and husbands of twins.

We asked our Instagram followers to nominate their significant others and so many of you kindly volunteered. First up is Stuart, who is married to Amy, one of half of the extremely talented Bushel and a Peck duo. Stuart and Amy have known each other for 15 years and been married for 8 years. 

Read on to learn more about his experience dating a twin and what is the best and worst with that experience. ENJOY!

1. What did you think about dating a twin when you first met your significant other?

I thought it would be more confusing than it actually was/ is and that life would be full of whimsy and would basically be a terrible 90’s sitcom full of hilarious misunderstandings and mildly inappropriate bum pinching. 

However, pretty much straight away it was obvious they were to completely different people and was easy to tell apart and worked out to be pretty normal, except when they answer each other’s phones. 

 2. What is the best part of being together with a twin? 

Have one best friend and get another free! My wife is my bestest and most brilliant friend, but dating a twin means spending probably more time than normal with my sister in law and I think that means you end up a lot closer. 

I think I probably care about my sister in law more than most would, and that’s not because she is the same as my wife, in fact very different, but because she is genuinely one of my best friends who I absolutely love spending time with and who I value a lot. Which is pretty awesome. Sister in law rules still apply though, so she can never know this and so must always be made fun of and called names. Also, she’s good for present ideas.

3. And what is the worst?

Worst sounds bad, I would say one of the drawbacks is that my wife and her twin are so close that they often share more than other siblings and maybe that means I get less shared with me. E.g. they will discuss things in length and then I just get the highlights. Also, they have to share everything, which means talking at least one hundred gazillion times a day.

4. What is your weirdest twin moment?

Can’t think of anything that massively stands out, probably because it all feels so normal now.  

5. What is your best advice to other significant others of twins?

Just go with it and enjoy the ride. There are obviously some quirks, like needing to be in constant contact and talk about EVERYTHING, but in general it’s pretty good. Just always approach from behind with caution, unless one has a different haircut or is massively fatter. Don’t let them share clothes either, that’s asking for trouble.

Thank you, Stuart! We love hearing your point of view! Stay tuned for more interviews in this series. 

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