What it is like being a twin having twins

What it is like being a twin having twins

We have always been curious what it must be like to be a twin having twins. How does being a twin influence the way one looks at twin parenting and the twin bond? 

Fellow twin, Monika, became a twin mom in 2017 and is currently in maternity leave taking care of her adorable twin daughters, Ella and Inez. We asked Monika about how it is raising her twins and if her being a twin has affected her ways of parenting. Read on to learn about her experience!

Who are you and what do you do? 

My name is Monika, I’m 27 years old and live in Sweden.

I have a twin sister (and 4 other siblings). I live with my boyfriend and our twin girls, born in June 2017. They are premature and were born at week 29+1. Their names is Ella and Inez.

When I’m not home with my twins, I work as a social worker. I’m off work now to be with my girls. 

How did you get started? 

My twin sister started her instagram when she had her baby boy, and convinced me to start instagramming when I was pregnant. 

What fascinates you the most about twins (especially your own)?

First of all, I’m so fascinated that a human body can carry two (or more!) babies at the same time.

What an honor to become a twin mom. I’m fascinated by the bond that most twins have. My girls already talking and laughing at each other.

I’m so lucky to experienced that myself and that I can give my girls that wonderful chance as well. 

Twins with Twins

What is it like to be a twin mom being a twin?

Amazing! I can go back to my feelings about being a twin and have that as a starting point.

I remember that people always saw us as one person. Hopefully I can raise my girls to be who they want to be, as a twin and as a individual.

Although I sometimes dress them in the same outfits. But mostly they look different (more than I show on my instagram). 

What was the biggest fear you had going into twin motherhood?

To be enough. I was, and still am, afraid that I’m not enough (when my boyfriend is not home). It’s hard to carry around two babies and comfort to babies at the same time.

Sometimes I have to pick which one to comfort first, that breaks my heart. I was also afraid that I should be isolated and don’t have time or energy to go out. 

What has surprised you the most about your twins?

That they are so alike and so different at the same time, it’s hard to explain. And that they feel so comfort by each other, even from start when they were at the NICU. It’s so beautiful. 


What is the number one myth about having twins you would like to debunk?

That it’s so hard. Of course it’s hard sometimes, but it gives me so much.

So many people say “I’m sorry” when I told them that I have twins.

I always answer that it’s so fun having twins. I mean, always have your best friend side by side - can it be any better? 

What is the best about being a twin?

The special bond. You can’t explain it, you have to live it. Such an honor to be a part of the twin club!

Thank you, Monika! We love how you are using your twin insights in your twin parenting. It must be so awesome for your twins knowing you understand the twin bond in the way you do! 

To follow Monika and her adorable twin girls, Ella and Inez, check out Instagram here.

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