what is mirror image twins and what is it like to be one

What is mirror image twins and what is it like

One common question asked is what is a mirror image twin and what is it like to be one?

We asked fellow twin (and twin dad!) Pete about what mirror image twins are and what it is like to be a mirror image twin. Read on to learn about what mirror image twins are and Pete's experience!

Mirror Image Twin Brothers Babies

My twin brother and I don't look exactly alike and it isn't hard for most people to tell us apart.

When we were kids some of my relatives believed we weren't actually identical. This is something I didn't like to hear because being identical is a massive part of my identity and it always has been.

There were things they pointed out, like the fact that our hair is parted on the opposite side or that I have a dimple and my brother doesn't.  Of course there were so many things that were exactly the same about us but it was hard not to notice the differences. 

It wasn't until I was an adult that I actually discovered that we are mirror image twins.

Question: So what is mirror image twins?

If you've never heard of Mirror Image twins, I'll fill you in. The earlier the fertilized egg splits, the more alike the twins will be. If the egg splits late, it can lead to conjoined twins. Before that, if the egg splits after several days, and it leads to mirror image twins where many features are mirrored. 

How does it the mirror-imaging play out for you and your twin brother?

So when my brother and I look at each other, our hair is parted on the opposite side, but it looks the way it would if you looked in a mirror. Many mirror image twins are left and right-handed. We are both right-handed, but my brother is left footed. He kicks with his left, and I do it with my right. He can actually throw a ball really well with his left hand, while I am almost useless.

One of the most interesting things we realized recently was our ability to snap our fingers. I've never been able to make a good snapping sound with my left hand. The right will make a very loud snap. Then we realized that my brother is the exact opposite. Mirrored again. He snaps loud with his left, but almost nothing with the right. When I clap my hands I cup my left hand and smack it with my right. He does the opposite. 

Mirror image twin brothers

My wife and I have been together for more than 20 years and she actually met my twin first. She never gets us mixed up. Well, that's not true it has happened on a couple of occasions.

Once was when my brother was sitting in the backseat and she looked at him in the rearview mirror and thought it was me. Another time she did the same thing, but looked at him in a mirror and believed she was looking at me.
We are identical twins, but we're not exactly the same. That's because we are mirror image twins.

Thank you, Pete! Love your insights and how you discovered being a mirror twin later on in life. Seems like your brother needs to stay away from mirrors around your wife (haha)! 

Some other characteristics common for mirror image twins are
 opposite features such as:

  • The way the hair whirls
  • Left/right handedness
  • Opposite teeth 
  • Crossing their legs opposite to each other

Are you a mirror twin or maybe parent of mirror twins? Let us know in the comments. 
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