What these 9 twin mothers recommend for your twin registry

Expecting twins? Twin life is amazing but also a bit more challenging. It can often be difficult to know what to expect. And maybe you are unsure what you need? We got you covered! Or rather these 10 twin moms got you covered.

To make it easier for you to add to your wish list we have also included links to the recommended products. We asked some of the most amazing twin mamas: "What are the three items you would recommend all twin parents to buy?" and here are their answers:

1. Laura:

1. For the first few months: twin breastfeeding pillow

2. For the time when the twins are a little older and start to eat independently: a hand vacuum cleaner

3. If they can walk: Backpacks with harness leash (very helpful when you are alone with them)

2. Alex

1. Baby Breeza Machine - amazing but hard to get ahold of in the UK.
2. Twin pram - a good all-terrain one; we went for the Cupla Duo as we live in a very rural area with lots of bumps and it's perfect. Always get a pram that fits into your like. If you take the bus, remember how small aisles are! 
3. Baby chairs/rockers - in the early days you can rock one in your arms whilst you rock one in a chair. And feed both at the same time in their chairs!

3. Erin

1. A front-back double stroller. You may feel like you're pushing a massive cart, but you can fit through doors and navigate the aisles at Target and Kohl's WAY easier than side-by-side strollers.

2. A double boppy pillow. Even if you don't use it for breastfeeding (it can be harder for twin moms to breastfeed) it works as a great place to lay your babies in place during the early months.

3. TWO pack-n-plays. Having twins doesn't always mean two of everything, but when it comes to sleeping my twins like the space. Plus they will get too big to share.

4. Denita

2. Swing

5. Laura

They have come out with so many great twin-ventions since 2015 but I would say 3 things that we really appreciated and made our life more functional are:

3. A mini van!

6. Sheridan

1. A boppy pillow for each of the twins so handy

2. A perfect prep machine for the milk of suing formula makes bottles perfectly in 2 mins, very useful when both babies crying at the same time.

3. A baby carrier/sling single and or double so you can multi task

7. Shelly

1. Mountain buggy stroller,
2. Oversized crib
3. Car seats 

8. Ashley

1. Some good self-care products - I love the Indian Clay Mask
2. My back issues were saved by my Intelliskin products that my chiropractor recommended. Don't know how I would have been able to carry them without it.
3. Pacifier (tons of them!)


9. Maria


What is on your list? Anything you feel we should add? Let us know in the comments below.


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