Twin insights from Tanzania artist Eric Niyomwungere

Twin insights from Tanzania artist Eric Niyomwungere

Interview with Tanzania artist Eric Niyomwungere

We love getting to know fellow twins around the world. Thanks to our Instagram we got to know about Tanzania-based music artist Eric Niyomwungere and his twin brother, Aimable Niyongabo. We got the chance to interview Eric about being a twin, his passion for music and his career goals.

Read on to be inspired by Eric's story and Eric's and Aimable's answers to our twin rapid questions. Enjoy!

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Eric Niyomwungere but go by my Stage name “Young Spit” am a East African international recording artist. Am originally from Burundi but was raised in (Rukore Camp) in Tanzania. Eric’s twin brother's name is Aimable Niyongabo.

Young Spit Twin Brothers

How did you get started? 

Music is been apart of my life since I was a baby, sometimes my older brother tell me stories of me as baby sitting in his lap singing and he tell me that he always knew music was going to be apart of my life.

My family’s struggle to get a better life and way of living, also motivated me to take my music seriously cause I want batter for my family and me.

I want them to listen to my music and get something out of it. not only that I know what music means and the power it has, it can be motivational make you see things in a way you’d never see it, get away etc, and I know if I can make a person feel good about themselves or see that there worth more or have more then they think, it pushes me to even go greater and beyond. 

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

I see my self living the life I’ve always dreamed of and touring all over the world.  

What's your favorite twin moment?

No matter what happens I have my twin brother whom I can always count on or go to.

Twin Brothers Young Spit

When you argue, how long does it take for you to become friends? 

We're friends before either of us knows it.  

Do you see being a twin as a strength or weakness in business?

Strength because two great minds that think alike are better than one. 

What do you think everyone should know about being twins? 

We both live and have different lives. 

Twin brothers young spit

Twin rapid-fire questions:

Who is the bossiest?  Eric

Who is the messiest? Eric

Who is most active on social media? Eric

Who is the more shy twin? Aimable

Who is the more adventurous twin? Eric

Lastly, is there an evil twin? Nope 

Thank you, Eric. Your energy and passion is so inspiring. We can't wait to follow your road to success. Keep twinfluencing! 

You can find Young Spit on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook as @youngspit100, as well as YouTube and Sound Cloud under @youngspit. 

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