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Interview with Twin Mom and CEO of Twin Z Pillow Michelle Barsosky

twin mom and ceo of twin z pillow michelle barsosky

What is the Twin Z pillow? It is a nursing pillow for twin babies. 

Twin mom and entrepreneur, Michelle Barsosky, had a great pitch on Shark Tank, which resulted in Lori Greiner offering to invest $75,000 in Twin Z Pillow for a 20% stake. 

We wanted to learn more about Michelle's journey and her experience as a twin mom, and are excited that she agreed to an interview.

Read on to be inspired by this talented twin mom.

Who are you and what do you do? 

My name is Michelle and I am the CEO of the Twin Z Company.


How did you get started? 

When I had twins and was looking for something to help me feed 2 babies at one time. I searched and searched but could not find anything that was comfortable or fit my body, so I decided to make my own pillow. So I took my moms 30 year old sewing machine and came up with the first Twin Z Pillow. After my husband and I were laid off from our corporate jobs I decided to patent the pillow and start my company.

How was your experience at Shark Tank? 

We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be on Shark Tank. It was a great experience for us. It was terrifying going in front of the sharks but well worth it.

How has it affected your business? 

Our company was doing very well prior to going on Shark Tank but after we aired the company doubled overnight.

Would you consider being a twin mom a strength or weakness?

I think being a twin mom is one of the greatest privileges I have ever had. It is challenging in the beginning but the most rewarding thing of my life. I definitely think it has made me a stronger person. So I would say having twins is definitely a strength.

What do you like about twin parents? 

I like that all twin parents are able to communicate the challenges and rewards of having twins with each other. I love having a group of people that you can instantly relate to. 



What recommendations do you have for other twin parents (except for getting the Twin Z pillow of course)?

I would of course recommend the Twin Z Pillow. LOL but I would also say right after you have the twins to make sure you have a great support group around you. In my case sleep was the thing that I needed the most. If you can find helpers that allow you to get the rest you need, then you will ultimately be a better mom.

Thank you, Michelle. We love your passion for what you do and are truly inspired by your journey. Thank you for being such a force and a true super mom! 

Check out the TwinZ website and follow them on Facebook.

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