As twins running a twin store (welcome to Twinning Store by the way!), we know it is hard to find the right words for twins. So whether it is for a Instagram post, birthday card or a note to your twin or twins you know, we got you covered. 

Here is an extensive list of our 120 favorite twin sayings, messages, and quotes: 

1. ...and 5 minutes later we are friends again

2. "Wait, you have a twin? You didn't tell me"

3. A true twin will understand you even when you just say half a word

4. A twinstatic joke = a fantastic joke only you and your twin will understand

5. All we do is twin, twin, twin

6. Always wanting to ask "Can my twin come too?"

7. Answering to two names like a pro

8. Behind every great twin is a greater twin

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9. Sided with a twin successfully (said no one ever)

10. Being tagged in the wrong photos

11. Being used to two names squeezed into one birthday song

12. Bestest of friends (except when hungry or tired)

13. Born to be besties

14. Born together, best friends forever

15. Buying a gift for my twin = medium to hard | Keeping the gift a secret = impossible

16. Clones are better than drones

17. Confusing your twin's memories with your own

18. Double Trouble

19. Every time I watch a HGTV I think how I would turn the man cave into a twin cave

20. From the same mister

twin moms rule twinning store twin mother gifts

21. From wombmate to roommate

22. Getting the same gifts in different colors

23. Have a twintastic day

24. Having been called "the twins" your whole life

25. Having to answer "Can you read each other's mind?"

26. Having to answer "Do you ever switch places?"

27. Having to answer "Who is better at ____?"

28. Having to answer: are you identical or fraternal?

29. Home is where my twin is

30. I didn't choose the twin life, the twin life chose me

31. I don’t need to pay a therapist to give me crap. I have a twin that does it for free.

32. I got 99 problems and being a twin ain't one

33. I'd rather be hanging out with my twin

34. I'm the bossy twin

35. I'm the evil twin

36. If you mess with my twin, you mess with me (and it isn't pretty)

37. J'adore my twin

38. Keeping a secret from my twin is mission impossible

39. Knowing the skill of blowing out birthday candles with my twin in perfect unison

40. Life is better with a twin

41. Me and my twin = squad goals since day 1

42. Me and my twin stick together through thick and thin

43. Must love my twin

44. My clone

45. My person

46. My twin and I don't do trick and treat, we trick people year round

47. My twin knows me better than I know myself

48. My twin made me do it

49. My twin says I'm a badass

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50. My twin will tell me truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth (especially when not asked)

51. My twin's twin is awesome

52. My twin's twin is never wrong

53. Namastay a twin

54. Natural born soul mate

55. Nickname as a twin: "The twins", "Your twin's name", and "Your name"

56. No hate for wombmate

57. No one can make me laugh as my twin

58. No one understands sharing is caring better than twins

59. Not knowing what it is like to have your own birthday

60. Not knowing who's who in baby photos

61. Nothing can come betwin us

62. Obviously, Santa has a twin

63. On Friday the 13th, we like to stand stand by side by side, hold hands and stare at people

64. Only I can call out my twin's faults

65. Same, same, but sooooo different

66. Talking to eachother 24/7

67. Thankful that Monday doesn't have a twin

68. That awkward moment when someone says your names in the opposite order

69. The one who dares talking to me before coffee on Monday morning is my twin

70. The struggle of being the nice twin

71. The twin bond is stronger than James Bond

72. The weekend called, it is sending its twin in five days

73. There is always a twin more active on social media

74. There is always a twin who got away with more trouble

75. They wish they were twinning like us

76. This year I'm going as my twin for Halloween

77. Through ups and downs it is me and my twin against the world

78. Twice as strong

79. Twin for life

80. Twin power

81. Twin sandwich = when your friends make you stand on opposite of them in a photo

82. Twin storytelling: one twin tells half, the other the other half

83. Twinfluencer

84. Twinmaggedeon = when two twins fight and make up after 10 minutes

85. Twinning from the very beginning

86. Twinning is better than winning

87. Twinpetition = the healthy, but constant competition between twins

88. Twins by chance, best friends by choice

89. Twins rule the world

90. Two is better than one

91. Two twins is a gang

92. Wanting to ask: what's it like to not be a twin?

93. We are twinlingual (aka we only need stares, gestures, half sentences to understand eachother)

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94. We LITERALLY complete each other's sentences

95. We're not interrupting each other, we're just completing each other's sentences

96. What's the problem with twin witches? You never know which witch is which

97. When my twin posts a photo where only one of us looks good (and it's not me)

98. When people start pointing out all the differences between you and your twin

99. When someone calls you by your twin's name and you just go along with it

100. When you are the younger twin and older twin acts like there is a whole generation between you

101. When you argue with your twin, but think of something funny and stop the fight to share the laugh

102. When you tell a story and your twin tells the stuff you wanted to leave out

103. When you wish your twin happy birthday to remind everyone that it is your birthday

104. Womb mates since ...

105. You can't say twins, without saying wins

106. You twinspire us

107. Yes, we are twins. Don't stare. Just ask.

108. No. You are not seeing double.

109. Twindependent

twinning is winning twinning store identical twins men and women

110. My best friend is a twin

111. We speak twin

112. Us twins? Never seen the person before

113. We don't switch places (or do we?)

114. Professional mind readers

115. Twincess forever

116. My twin rules

117. Yes we're twins, but NOT identical

118. Distance is temporary, but our twin love is permanent

119. Twincation is the best kind of vacation

120. It's a twin thing

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Twinning Store was established by twin sisters K & E in Los Angeles in July 2017. We sell clothing for twins, because twins rule! We have quickly become the #1 choice for twins worldwide and have shipped to over 35 countries in over 5 continents. (P.S. We have also made a collection for twin dad and twin mom). 

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