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life is better with a twin about K&E and twinning store 

Ever since we can remember we have received questions about being twins. DAILY.

Being twin sisters is a huge part of our lives.

Every day we communicate way more than what seems to be normal. Through texts, facetime, calling, or simply by hanging out.

We were born with a built-in best friend, confidante and twincation travel partner. 

When we for the millionth time discussed how lucky we are to be twins,we decided it was time to flaunt our twin-ness.

On to Google, we went, butwe couldn’t find anything that spoke to us. Nothing really truly spoke the twin language while at the same time being cute and possible to wear in our daily day or out with friends.

So, with our background in fashion, we decided to start Twinning Store, an online store for twins. After months of planning and preppingwe launched in July 2017.

Inspired by our journey of twinning through continents, we created a line that celebrates our unique friendship.born together, best friends forever.

 Twinning Store has since become more than an online store. With an ever-growing following of twins we have unified twins worldwide. And we are thrilled to have created a community of #twinfluencers.

Together, we share our ups and downs and support each other and learn more often than not that we are more similar than different.

In addition, due to the persistence of our parents, we have later also added a collection for twin mothers and fathers.

now the whole family can flaunt that they didn’t choose twin life, twin life chose us.

Twinning is winning. Welcome to the Twinning Store. We are honored to have you.

Thanks for stopping by our site, whether you are a twin, friend or family of twin or just curious about what our site is about.

Some good resources to get started:

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List of our 5 favorite twin sayings

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Feel free tocontact us anytime!



P.s. 5 fun facts about us

1. we don't know if we are identical or fraternal

2. we have lived in the same city as well as different continents (read our twin long-distance relationship guide here)

3. K is older by two minutes and keeps reminding E that she will understand life better in two minutes

4. when we started the twinning store we had a handful of twin friends and now we have several thousands (!)

5. some of our biggest arguments is when k doesn't approve of e's designs or vice versa (we both have to love everything in the store)


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