What are the 2022 Holiday Order Deadlines?

Due to COVID restrictions and delays with our shipping providers, we highly suggest ordering your gifts early this year.

United States Standard Shipping - December 12th
Express Shipping - December 15th

Standard Shipping - December 14th
Express Shipping - December 16th

Rest of the world
Standard Shipping - November 29
Express Shipping - December 6th

Should you need more time you can order our book from Amazon until December 15. Should you need even more time you can always order our electronic gift cards until December 23rd.

  • Orders placed after the 10th will likely not ship until early January. Expect delays as there will be a big backlog to work through at that stage.
  • Make sure you use a valid address for where you will be right up to 24th December - we can't change an address.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for a late delivery by the postal service. Once we dispatch, delivery is out of our hands. We will not, under any circumstances be liable for a late delivery as this is beyond our control.
Can I order after the deadline?

Yes, you can but it is highly unlikely to be processed until January. For reasons we have explained below, we don't turn off our website after our deadline has passed and therefore it will still be possible to place an order after our deadline has passed and your order will stand.

If I order with Express Shipping, can I order after the deadline?

Sorry, this is not possible. You can order and pay for the Express Shipping after our deadline, but it won't make a difference after the stated deadlines as all orders have to ship during the final week before Holidays.

Has my order shipped yet?

We send fulfillment notifications when your print ships, so if you haven't got that yet, your order probably hasn't shipped. Please be patient with us - lead times get longer at this time of year, despite our best efforts. This year we have also experienced delays with the postal service.

Can I change my delivery address?

Sorry but we can't accept changes to delivery addresses so make sure you will be at your delivery address to accept the order. You will have the option of collecting from your local post office if delivery is attempted and you're not there.

Can I order by e-mail instead of on the website?

Due to high volumes and increased pressure, we are unable to accept orders by e-mail or over the phone in the run up to the Holidays - you must order online. E-mails can be unreliable, can get overlooked or dropped. Therefore our policy is not to accept e-mail orders in the run up around the Holidays.

What's the deadline for gift card orders?

December 25th! You can order a gift card at any time and print it out from your home PC, tablet or mobile device.

Why are you accepting orders after your deadline for Holidays has passed?

We don't "turn off" our website as customers may want to order gift vouchers right up to December 25th and some people are happy to order, knowing they will get their order after the Holidays. For these reasons, we will still accept orders placed after our Holiday deadline and you will not have an automatic right to cancel outside of our normal terms and conditions.

I've ordered after the deadline or over Christmas. When can I expect delivery?

If you've ordered after the deadline, we cannot guarantee it will make it in time for the Holidays. We will not be open between Christmas and New Year and there will be a backlog of orders to process in early January.