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As a celebration of 4th Annual Twinsgiving November 27th, we would like to invite you toTwine for Twins 1230 PM PST.


The twist? This isn’t your typical zoom conversation! We’ve partnered with a new video conversation platform (it’s called twine) to deliver a new kind of experience...here’s how it works!


  1. Twinning is winning. Get matched for 1-to-1 video chats with twins all over the world. 
  2. Always wanting to ask can my twin come too? Of course. Come alone or together. The conversation will be centered around our favorite topic: twins! 
  3. Twintense.You (and your twin) get matched for 8 minutes with each partner to dive straight in!


Don’t miss out! Join for the Twine conversation happening Friday November 27 1230 PM PST. 





What is Twine?
Twine is a first-of-its-kind conversation platform that facilitates meaningful convos (on life's Big Questions!) via short video chats. twine makes meaningful conversations accessible to anyone.


See you at the Twine for Twins, Saturday 2PM PST!