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Signed version of The Life of Twins - 120 Insights from Twins, Friends and Family


Debuted as #1 Amazon new release, K&E, founders of Twinning Store, the largest twin store for twins brings you The Life of Twins - Insights from over 120 twins and their friends and family.

“As a twin parent l love learning more about twins, and l found the book helpful in understanding my twins even better.” - Helene

“Great read for twins, parents of twins and future parents. Provides insights that non twins could never know.” - Dustin

“This book allows individuals who are not twins, a look into the world of being a twin, or parents to twins - and what a cool place that is!” - Patti

In The Life of Twins, they along with other twins, twin parents and friends of twins shares what it is like to live the twin life. It is a resource for twins by over 120 people from all over the world. Read to learn the inside scoop, stories, experiences, advantages, challenges, and uniqueness from the twin perspective. 

From iconic twin entrepreneurs to twin athletes, from twins who together to twins who have taken different paths, their insights can help you answer everything you want to know about twins. Learn from twin celebrities and twin parents and twins such as the seen in Vogue and Marie Claire Collyer twins, the Awesomeness TV's Bell twins, Refinery 29's Lucie Fink, ABC's Dancing with the Stars Emma and Kelly Slater and so many more.

About the authors: In 2017, we decided to start Twinning Store after trying to find other twins online. Fast forward and Twinning Store has grown into a worldwide community of twins that follow our blog, stay posted on our social media and rock our twin clothing and accessories. We still can’t believe how much our community has grown and how far it reaches. To us, it seems like yesterday that the hashtag #twinfluencer had 5 posts and it is at 9k time of writing this and publications such as Vogue Magazine, the Atlantic, Telegraph, and Elle using the term. 

Before we even started Twinning Store, we knew that we could never be experts of all things twins. Our relationship may have similarities to other twins, but we are only connoisseurs of our own twin bond. Just as other twins are experts of their relationship. To make sure we got as much knowledge as possible as a community, we have therefore asked other twins for their input. 

This book is our vehicle to share all that with you. In other words, this book isn’t just written by us, it is a collective effort from over 120 twins, twin moms, twin dads, significant others of twins and friends of twins. This book contains their insights—including practical and tactical advice from twins who have learned things along their twin journey. Whether you are a twin, parent of twins, expecting twins, or want to learn more about twins, this is your guide from the people that live the twin life in over 40 countries. 

Among other things, you will learn:

  • Some of the ultimate twin perks
  • Must-have twin information directly from twins
  • How often twins communicate and in what way
  • Do twins mind being called “the twins”?
  • Some of the downsides of being twins 
  • What to gift a twin 
  • How to say the word twin in over 10 languages
  • What advice twins have for non-twins
  • What it is like to date a twin from people who have done just that
  • How twin parents view the twin bond
  • And much more. 

It is the perfect gift for:

  • twins in all ages (identical, fraternal, girl, boy, woman or man)
  • twin parents or expecting twin moms and dads
  • someone is dating a twin 
  • family or friend of twins
  • anyone curious to learn more about the twin bond and twin dynamic

For Kindle version.

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Sarah Spalding
Amazing customer service

They are prompt and very efficient when it comes to availability of their products! I'm so happy with my purchases from this store. The quality is sound, and it's esoteric targeted demographic is so much fun!

bailey Matlock
Twinning hat

Super comfortable & great material quality. Love it!

Rhonda Gibbons
Father of twins

Love the shirt, my dad was so happy to be apart of the twinning influencer

Andréanne Munger-Angers
Perfects caps

My twin and I adore our new twinning cap ! Fits perfectly and above our expectations ! Thanks for this awesome compagne for twins !

Rhonda Gibbons

Love the hat!! Super cute buy for my Mom for Mother’s Day. She loved it and wore it the entire day together. Super adorable