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Why My Twin Is The Best Twin - In My Own Words (Pre-Order)

Pre-order our book Why My Twin Is The Best Twin - In My Own Words (Pre-Order). Orders will be shipped on or around publication day April 10, 2022.

When we started Twinning Store, we definitely appreciated being twins but didn’t reflect on it often. After having run Twinning Store since 2018, we now appreciate it but are also truly grateful. We have learned to know twins all over the world and have helped twins in over 45 countries show their love for their twin by sharing jokes, gifts, and our first book The Life of Twins – Insights from 120 twins, friends, and family.

We have been through ups and downs with you. Fights, loss, weddings, graduation, moving away from each other – we have been through it all. One thing remains the commonality and that is the end of the day being twins affect us and our experiences.

Through Twinning Store, we have been forced to take a deep dive into the nature of being twins and how it is different. And early on, one of the things we did was to write out all the good and bad. E decided to write in a journal her thoughts about K for 14 days straight. The end result was K getting a book with E’s innermost appreciation for K. In a format very similar to this book. K quickly realized the impact the book had on her and encouraged E to make it available for more twins worldwide. And that is how Why My Twin Is The Best Twin - In My Own Wordswas created.

It has given us a lot of joy and we hope it will for you too.

Why My Twin Is The Best Twin - In My Own Words consists of:

- 14 days of prompts to outline what is special about your twin 

- The only of its kind journal dedicated to twins

- Over 100 color-printed pages

- Inspiring twin quotes 

- Pages to fill with photos and memories

- Undated to fill out at your own pace

It is the perfect gift for your twin and yourself to deepen your relationship even more.


Customer Reviews

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Sarah Spalding
Amazing customer service

They are prompt and very efficient when it comes to availability of their products! I'm so happy with my purchases from this store. The quality is sound, and it's esoteric targeted demographic is so much fun!

bailey Matlock
Twinning hat

Super comfortable & great material quality. Love it!

Rhonda Gibbons
Father of twins

Love the shirt, my dad was so happy to be apart of the twinning influencer

Andréanne Munger-Angers
Perfects caps

My twin and I adore our new twinning cap ! Fits perfectly and above our expectations ! Thanks for this awesome compagne for twins !

Rhonda Gibbons

Love the hat!! Super cute buy for my Mom for Mother’s Day. She loved it and wore it the entire day together. Super adorable