5 Quick Questions With Talbot Sisters Author Rachel Linden

5 Quick Questions With Talbot Sisters Author Rachel Linden

As twins and avid readers, we are always at the lookout for storylines featuring twins. When we came across the HarperCollins published book Becoming the Talbot Sisters: A Novel of Two Sisters and the Courage that Unites Them, we had to get our hands on a copy.

The story is about "twin sisters Waverly and Charlie Talbot have drifted far apart as they pursue opposite dreams of stardom and service to the poor. Now they must come together to face their fears, find their courage, and fight for what they love."

We were so curious on how the story came about as the twin bond is truly amazingly captured. We contacted the author Rachel Linden and are thrilled that she agreed to an interview. Read on to learn more.

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Rachel Linden and I write novels for women about hope, courage and connection with a hint of romance and a touch of whimsy! My second novel, Becoming the Talbot Sisters, came out May 1 from HarperCollins.

The story is set in Budapest, where I lived for 5 years, and features estranged twin sisters on an unexpected road trip across Central Europe. The twin courageously face big challenges in their lives from infertility and surrogacy to sexual exploitation and human trafficking. 

2. What fascinates you the most about twins?

I am fascinated by relational connections between people, and most of my stories feature a journey from isolation to the connection as a theme. I love that twins share such an amazing relational connection, one of the deepest that exists! It’s an extraordinary gift to know someone that deeply. 

Becoming the Talbot Sisters: A Novel of Two Sisters and the Courage that Unites Them

3. What was the biggest fear you had before publishing this book?

That no one would read it! It’s always nerve-wracking to send a story out into the world, not knowing what will happen! But I adore this story and relate to the themes in it on a personal level, so I am thrilled to share it with readers!

4. What has surprised you the most about the experiences around the book?

People are writing me to say that they are deeply touched by the relationship between the twin sisters as they reunite and rebuild their bond.

One sister, Waverly, is a celebrity tv chef who seems to have the perfect life but struggles with infertility and a longing to be a mother. Her twin Charlie, who is an aid worker in Budapest, offers to be a surrogate and carry a baby for her.

Women are very touched by the themes about sister bonds, infertility and miscarriage and about the theme of standing up against the exploitation of women. These themes are connecting with them on an emotional level, which I love to hear!

5. What is the number one myth about having twins you would like to debunk?

That somehow being a twin makes you less of an individual person in your own right! Just because someone shares that bond or looks very similar to another person doesn’t mean they are not a completely unique individual!

Waverly and Charlie are twins but polar opposites, and many of the twins I know in real life are very different from one another. I want twins to be celebrated for being unique and wonderful individuals too as well as twins!

Thank you, Rachel! We love your refreshing take on twins and how you have created your wonderful story around that perspective. To get your hands on a copy of the Talbot Sisters check out this link.  We highly recommend it! 

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