7 quick questions with twin surfers CJ & Damien Hobgood

7 quick questions with twin surfers CJ & Damien Hobgood

It seems that among all twins there is some sense of friendly competition. The Hobgood twins have taken this to the next level. Competing within the same sport, the twin brothers, CJ and Damien, have been through ups and downs together. The professional surfers have impressive records behind them in surf competitions such as the WSL World Championship and O'Neill World Cup of Surfing.

Luckily for us fellow twins, they have created a documentary about their journey as surfers. The documentary is called And Two if By the Sea.

And in 2019 one of their major twin dreams came true when the World Surf League (WSL) held special heat during the Tahiti Pro with them surfing against each other for the first time in Tahiti. They never drew each other there, their entire careers and always wanted to. Here is a video from that heat:

Read our interview with CJ and Damien to learn more about how they got into surfing, how they argue and who is the most adventurous twin.

1. Who are you and what do you do?

CJ Hobgood & Damien Hobgood - former professional surfers on the world tour. Presently working for Salty Crew and some other consulting jobs but mainly family guys who help with all the kid and family stuff.

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2. How did you get started?

CJ: We grew up on a small barrier island off the east coast of Florida. Beach town. Our dad surfed so we picked it up from him. We have younger siblings and my mom wanted us out of the house so my dad always took us to the beach.

3. Do you see being a twin as a strength or weakness in getting to where you are today?

CJ: It drove us to outperform each other but it was also a challenge trying to each establish our own identity in the spotlight, basically in beginning thought it was a curse but as I got older I realized it was then biggest blessing

4. What’s your favorite twin moment?

DAMIEN: In our documentary film “And Two If By Sea”, CJ said he thought I treated him better than he treated me.

CJ: Prob our whole lives so many things that have happened to me happened to my brother and vise Versa. Injuries, results, competing, etc that’s always been a trip.

5. When you argue, how long does it take for you to become friends?

DAMIEN: Pretty quick as we have gotten older, we try not to let it escalate to high.

CJ: We argue so much think where still friends even when one is yelling profanity at the other.

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6. What do you think everyone should know about being twins?

DAMIEN: Its the best and worst rolled into one.

CJ: It’s made Damien and I really honest and accountable. Cause you knew the way you acted would affect him. If I was a jerk in the water surfing then when Damien would paddle out people would be over him not give him waves and want to fight him for not being respectful.

Rapid-fire questions:

- Who is the bossiest?


- Who is the messiest?

CJ: Damien

- Who is most active on social media?


- Who is the more shy twin?

DAMIEN: Damien
CJ: Damien

- Who is the more adventurous twin?

DAMIEN: Damien
CJ: Damien

- Lastly, is there an evil twin?

DAMIEN: Damien, it's my name ;)

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Thank you, CJ and Damien. We are so inspired by your hard work and how you push each other. 

C.J. & Damien’s documentary will be available everywhere digitally for sales and rentals on 12/17.

To stay up to date with the Hobgood twins, check them out on Instagram - CJ here and Damien here.