Interview with Lauren and Lorissa behind Cups of Kindness

Interview with Lauren and Lorissa behind Cups of Kindness

Interview with Lauren and Lorissa behind Cups of Kindness

We love people who are helping the world become a better place.

Twin sisters and twinfluencers, Lauren and Lorissa, are on a mission to do just that. The twin sisters founded the non-profit Cups of Kindness - a non-profit project to raise money for women shelters. We are excited to bring you our interview with them. In it, you will learn about their work, their favorite twin moments, and whether there really is a messier twin. 

Who are you and what do you do?

We are a couple of Canadian twin girls on a mission to support women, build sisterhood, and spread some twinspiration! We are both safer skincare advocates and co-founders of the nonprofit project Cups of Kindness. 

Cups of Kindness is a non-profit project that we started a year and a half ago to raise money for women shelters. We handcraft teacup and mason jar candles and donate 100% of the profits to charity. 


How did you get passionate about women empowerment?

Our late Auntie Barbara was a huge influence on our mission to empower women. A true feminist at heart, she believed women are powerful Goddesses with the ability to make waves. We also moved a lot growing up, clocking 20 moves by the time we were 20 years old. Sisterhood was what kept us grounded through all the change. This inspired us to help women shift through their life changes with love and grace.

What is the advantage about twins in working together?

 We are so in sync!! We vibrate on such a high level when we are together and our creative juices flow so effortlessly. Our similar values help us thrive and ignite so much passion within us.


What's your favorite twin moment?

Oooo good question! There are many, but when we were in high school we worked together as servers at Pizza Hut. One evening it was just the two of us working the floor. Our patrons didn’t realize there were two girls working and thought it was just one superstar chick running the place! They had a good laugh when we came out together and revealed our secret! Our tips were stellar that night! 

When you argue, how long does it take for you to become friends?

Like 30 seconds!? We have so much love and gratitude for each other. Being a twin is the greatest gift God/universe/high power has given us and we don’t take that for granted. 

Lorissa Cups of Kindness wearing Twinning Store

Lauren and Lorissa in their Twinning Store Yes We're Twins tank tops 

Twin Rapid Fire Questions

Who is the bossiest?


Who is the messiest?

We are pretty equal now as far as keeping things tidy, but when we were younger Lauren was definitely the messy twin!!

Who is most active on social media?


Who is the more shy twin?


Who is the better driver?

Lauren. Being a momma bear for 9 years has kept Lauren’s driving in check 

Who is the more adventurous twin? 


Lastly, is there an evil twin?

No way! We both are all about sending positive messages and vibes out into the world! 

Thank you, Lauren and Lorissa. We love your passion for what you do and truly believe the world needs more twins like you!

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