Twinsgiving Plans

Twinsgiving Plans

We asked some twinfluencers what their plans for Twinsgiving 2017 is, here are their plans:

Evelyn and Katelyn (@evelyn_katelyn_official)

"On Twinsgiving we plan on spending the day with our family, watching a movie and relaxing. We’ll probably make a or two together as well!" 

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Hannah & Jess Gerlacher (@sot_twins)

"Our plans for twinsgiving is to eat our favorite foods, which is easy since we like the exact same foods and also spend lots of time with our family!"

Guess whose back for the week😊#twins #doubletrouble

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Thanksgiving is meant for quality time with family and friends. But sometimes we just love to spend some quality time as twins. Which is why we've decided to not participate in Black Friday this year, because we're claiming the first annual TWINSGIVING.

What is TWINSGIVING? The Twinning Store team will take the day of the hang out with our twin.